Kickin' it Old School: La's, Adam Ant, Beach Boys, Moz updates and my festival rant

By theajaysharma

I talked to my friend Brian today and he lives up in the north west so his festival of choice is Sasquatch while mine is Coachella (I live in southern California).  And he told me that Sasquatch is only going to sell 4-day passes.  Honestly it's kinda sad to see that this is becoming a "thing".  Coachella did this years ago and it sucks for the people that really want to enjoy the festival but can't commit to the whole thing.  And I gotta admit, a day or two of Coachella is all you really need.  Three full days is a little much (I'm an old guy now).  I can't even imagine FOUR days of Sasquatch.

I understand that at the end of the day it's just a business, but there's no reason to exclude a minority of fans that can't do it.  What I don't understand is the lame excuse, "there's such a high demand for tickets so we'll only sell 4-day passes".  It just translates to me as, "We can force people to pay $300+ for tickets, so why would we bother to accommodate the people that can only go one or two days?"  This year's Coachella is in such a high demand that they booked two full weekends of identical bands and sold them both out.

So as the demand increases it's just going to push the more casual fan out.  I know people really love the festival (I really do), but there are clear benefits of living in a major town with no festival scene.  At least then you have a fighting chance of seeing only the bands that you want to see and not have to put up with parking, dickheads, heat just to see Gotye.

  • Rescheduled Adam Ant tour dates 
  • The reunited Beach Boys announce Tour Dates 
  • Morrissey preps ‘Viva Hate’ reissue, Record Store Day 10-inch, and adds tour dates in Southeast Asia.
  • Hear 60 seconds of new Garbage.  They are playing 2 club shows in Los Angeles, tickets sold out in seconds.  Such a bummer.
  • Video: Kasabian hits Letterman 
  • James announces West coast tour dates.  Almost forgot they're playing Coachella, looking forward to this.
  • Bonnaroo 2012 lineup announced 
  • UNKLE – “Another Night Out” (Feat. Mark Lanegan) Video 
  • I'm really enjoying the Noel Gallagher videos, Check out this one for 'Dream On' 
  • The La’s to headline New York Sound City next month — first NYC concert in 20 years 
  • Vintage Video: Depeche Mode, rare 8-minute ‘film in progress’ reel of ‘101’ footage 
  • Watch the video for Lee Ranaldo's, ‘Off the Wall’. It's the first single off of his upcoming album.
  • Sasquatch festival is going the way of Coachella and is only selling 4-day passes.  Such a drag.