My Coachella Tweets

By theajaysharma

Coachella 2012 was an interesting one.  First off, we're still not done with it.  There's going to be a "identical" weekend 2 coming up tomorrow which is just an odd idea.  Secondly, I actually had phone service for the first time ever so I was able to send out some random thoughts while I was there (collected for your enjoyment below).  This was also the first time it's ever rained at a Coachella, it's notorious for being VERY dry and hot all day.  In any case, enjoy!

Note:  It's in reverse cronological order so read it from the bottom up.

Kasabian destroyed the Mohave, they should be called destroyer... Oh wait..

St vincent does a new song, crocodile, and crowd surfs for the entire song. Fuck yea!
The best parts of Noel and the high flying birds set were the oasis songs and the singles.
Andrew Bird was a delight. On to Noel!
Not a buzzcocks fan, but they are really tearing up the gobi stage right now!
Damnit! Tune-yards are good. I was so convinced they'd be shit. But in this context (live), with their other songs, they are wonderful.
Vaccines were meh. Destroyer will destroy you with their smooth sax and soft vocals.
Day 2 starts off with a bang with We Were Promised Jetpacks. Such a powerful set for a crap timeslot.
Correction, It was Gary Clark Jr. that was amazing. Really, everyone should check him out, the highlight of the day for me.
Man, I haven't seen pulp in 18 years. This is fantastic.
Girls were great, Madeon is killing it right now in the Sahara!!
Grouplove is this year's polyphonic spree!
5 minutes into jimmy cliff jr's set and I'm in love. This is fuckin awesome
The main food area has been expanded. The gobi tent is vastly bigger. I believe this is the first time it's rained at Coachella
Right off the bat my one sone preview is wrong. The Deer Hunter are way better then I thought they would be.
My Coachella 2012 is about to get started with the deer hunter!!
Other thoughts:  Yuck was fantastic, one of the best for Friday.  I enjoyed the set by James as well.  Madness was a tad boring for me, then again I'm not a hardcore fan and they didn't play any "hits" while I was there as I left early to get a good spot for Pulp.  By the end of Pulp, I was so freezing that I just left as I've seen everyone else that I wanted to before.  The Big Pink put on a decent show, they have an adorable drummer.  Grace Potter wasn't my thing, AWOLNATION sucked, Squeeze was boring, but probably for the same reason that Madness was boring.  Godspeed You! Black Emperor was brilliant, didn't bother with Radiohead as I'm not a big fan of their current stuff and I've seen them a dozen times before.  
And I didn't bother with Sunday as there just wasn't enough good bands to stick around for.  Crazy I know, but this is what happens when you get older and have a kid.  Stuff like this just isn't as important as it used to be.  So this may be my last Coachella.  I'll still buy a ticket for next year just in case the Stone Roses play, but that's probably the only band that'll make me come back.  It's been a fantastic 10+ years with the event but when it comes down to it, Coachella is a MASSIVE pain in the ass.