Air's Soundtrack, More new Orbital, and some new tours announced

By theajaysharma

The very first science fiction movie is a silence movie about a voyage to the moon.  Since it's french it's called "Le Voyage Dans La Lune".  And since it's French, Air wrote the soundtrack to it.  It was a coin flip between them and Daft Punk (HA, stupid americans!).  I find it interesting because it was made in black and white and hand colored versions back in the early 1900's.  The black and white version has long since been destroyed and the colored version was found in 1993 but had to be restored.  Naturally, wikipedia has more info on this film.

Also happening is Killing Joke's return, a bunch of tour announcements, and what the hell was Echo and the Bunnymen doing in a superbowl ad?

  • Explosions in the Sky schedule 2012 spring tour dates. 
  • Killing Joke are back with the original lineup Check out their new single, 'Rapture.' Not bad, imo. 
  • Let's get it out of the way: Every Song In Every Ad of Super Bowl  (Echo and the Bunnymen, really?  I feel like a target demographic for once! YAY!)
  • Watch St. Vincent & Isaac Brock On Portlandia + Fred Armisen’s 10 Favorite Portland Bands 
  • The first ever sci-fi movie was a french movie, "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" and Air just wrote a soundtrack for it.
  • Sasquatch! is looking pretty good this year, they just announced their linup. 
  • Sonic Boom schedules a show; Spiritualized tickets on sale 
  • Watch The Horrors on Carson Daly (live from the El Rey in LA, pretty awesome) 
  • New Deerhunter: "Curve" 
  • More new Orbital! Check out "New France" from their upcoming album 
  • Bleeker Bob's in NY is closing.  I've never been to the NY store, but the store in Los Angeles is where my brother and I bought tons of records.  In the 90's, my sister, brother and I would ditch school and drive all the way out to Hollywood (about an hour away from where we lived) just to go record shopping on melrose.  In 1995, I remember driving out there myself just to get the Stone Roses "Second Coming".  While I have fond memories about those trips, it was such a pain in the ass.  Thank god we don't have to deal with that shit anymore to get music.