Long time...

By theajaysharma

Well, it's been a LONG time.  The last update to this site was back in February but we're still very much alive.  Mainly we've been keeping the twitter/facebook pages updated with news and getting that information back into the site has been a little tedious.  So I'm going to start keeping our site updated as well with the stuff that gets posted in the previous week.  More after the jump:

  • Elbow chosen to record BBC's London 2012 Olympics theme
  • Morrissey Gets A Job
  • Watch Morrissey on "Conan" 
  • Cast announce release date for first album in 10 years 
  • Liam And Noel Are Suing Each Other, Or Something.  (seriously, reading the NME headlines for the Oasis shit is really getting old.  I need to figure out how to filter all "Noel" and "Liam" references from google reader)
  • Depeche Mode Co-Founders Martin Gore and Vince Clarke Reunite After 30 Years 
  • M83 Play Fallon, I thought Stereogum was a little over the top with their description, but this was spot on.  (When I said, 'over the top', I meant that they were seriously gushing about their performance.  But having now seen it, I'm going to concur with Stereogum, it was pretty awesome)
  • The American Music Awards Just Hit an All-Time Ratings Low
  • Inspiral Carpets Release First Single for 16 Years! 
  • Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein are bringing Portlandia on the road (live dates) 
  • Check Out: Two early Radiohead demos: “Everybody Knows” and “Girl (In The Purple Dress)”   (what would an update be without a radiohead mention, amirite?)