Long time...

Well, it's been a LONG time.  The last update to this site was back in February but we're still very much alive.  Mainly we've been keeping the twitter/facebook pages updated with news and getting that information back into the site has been a little tedious.  So I'm going to start keeping our site updated as well with the stuff that gets posted in the previous week.  More after the jump:


Just Shy of Six Years, Autolux Announce Release Date of "Transit Transit"

We previously talked about Autolux's new label, TBD Records, and they have finally announced an August 3rd, 2010 release date for their followup to "Future Perfect".  This has to be one of the longest waits between albums.  "Future Perfect" was released on September 21st, 2004 which makes it just short of six years between full-length albums.  In an interview with Alarm magazine, lead guitarst Greg Edwards has this to say about recording:  "The traditional instrumentation of music is never interesting to me, I don’t respond to it. We try and use bass and guitar to create sounds that don’t necessarily sound like those instruments, to have a chaotic element but also have a strong melody and something that we can actually play again and again."

Autolux Has A New Label And Will Support Thom Yorke in Santa Barbara

Autolux sent out an email announcing that their sophomore album, "Transit Transit", will finally see the light of day on TBD Records (Yes, that's actually the name of their new label!).  Their first album, "Future Perfect", was released in 2004 and after they finished up touring, they went into the studio to record.  But plagued by label issues they haven't been able to release their second album.  So they have been playing random shows around the LA area for the last couple of years and previewing the new material.

Speaking of random shows, Thom Yorke has asked Autolux to open up for him when he plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on April 17th.  They're going to play a few more shows in the LA area the week prior and we'll have the details when they're released. 

See below for the tracklisting of the upcoming album


Autolux - Pomona, CA - 03/23/05

Glass House, Pomona, CA
March 23, 2005

Tonight will be my fourth attempt at seeing AUTOLUX. One foiled attempt last year. They played New Year Eve but all my friends wanted to see John Digweed instead. And I was late to the show where they opened for Secret Machines earlier this year. Tonight I WAS NOT going to miss them.