Autolux Has A New Label And Will Support Thom Yorke in Santa Barbara

By theajaysharma

Autolux sent out an email announcing that their sophomore album, "Transit Transit", will finally see the light of day on TBD Records (Yes, that's actually the name of their new label!).  Their first album, "Future Perfect", was released in 2004 and after they finished up touring, they went into the studio to record.  But plagued by label issues they haven't been able to release their second album.  So they have been playing random shows around the LA area for the last couple of years and previewing the new material.

Speaking of random shows, Thom Yorke has asked Autolux to open up for him when he plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on April 17th.  They're going to play a few more shows in the LA area the week prior and we'll have the details when they're released. 

See below for the tracklisting of the upcoming album

  1. Transit Transit
  2. Census
  3. Highchair
  4. Supertoys
  5. Spots
  6. The Bouncing Wall
  7. Audience No. 2
  8. Kissproof
  9. Headless Sky
  10. The Science Of Imaginary Solutions