Groovy Train: Explosions in the Sky, New Elbow, She & Him, Radiohead, Strokes, Suede, Stone Roses-ish, Pixes

By theajaysharma

Lots of good stuff, especially the new Elbow track if you missed it.  Plus the clip of Noel talking about how influential the Stone Roeses' Spike Island gig is pretty cool.

  • The massive computer chip maker, Intel, has hired as "Director of Creative Innovation".  *sigh*
  • Explosions in the Sky have a new album called, "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care" coming out on April 26th.  I'm so glad, they are fantastic live.
  • On BBC Radio 1 played another song from Elbow's upcoming album, the track is called "Neat Little Rows".  You can check out the radio rip on the hype machine.  (via Listen Before You Bye)
  • Check out the new video for She & Him's "Don't Look Back".  It's been said before but it's pretty handy to have a lead singer that's also an actress.  Something about this video reminds me of the Edward Sissorhands neighborhood.
  • Jonny Greenwood (guitarist for Radiohead as if you didn't know) scored another sountrack for a film called, "Norwegian Wood" and the album will be out on March 7th.
  • The Strokes talk about their new album, "Angles".  Does anyone else remember seeing them open up for someone, I think it was the Doves and how awful they were.  Then they were great for about 10 minutes, then they released their second album and they were shit again.  It's been four years since their last album and I gotta admit, I'm curious.
  • Suede is re-releasing their catalog with bonus DVD's that, accoring to Brett Anderson, "This is the definitive collection of pretty much everything we released in 14 years together..."
  • In other Brett news, he made a tiny remark and XFM decided to make it their headline.  The headline reads "Brett Anderson Has 'Regrets' Over last Suede Album", but really his quote is:  "One thing I've really learnt from this whole process of reforming the band is things that I've regretted releasing, maybe the last Suede album, the reaction to it. I kind of regret that kind of reaction."  Who wouldn't regret that reaction, the album was a horrible end to Suede.
  • The guy who played Bez in 24-Hour Party People wrote a screenplay that uses the Stone Roses legendary Spike Island gig as a backdrop.  I can't believe in May it's going to be 20 years since that show.  If you never heard of it, check out this clip with Noel from Oasis talking about it.  In other 'Roses news, Ian Brown has a scholarship named after him.
  • More pictures of Ariel Pink's "Rock and Roll Circus" shows.
  • The Pixies are bringing Doolittle back on the road.  I'm so sad that I missed this.  Mostly Canadian dates, but there are some US ones as well.

That's it for today.  I feel like I'm catching up, but I'm still quite a bit away from being "current".