tears for fears

JAMC Back in the US, DJ Shadow Comp, and Go Buy the Ride Reissue!

My first post-Coachella update.  Looking back it was a pretty damn good festival, probably one of the best ones as far as how well it was organized.  The best year for music is too hard to determine.  It might be my last one as I'm just tired of the allergies and now with the two weekends of Coachella and all the local shows, it's not worth the hassle.  In anycase, here are this week's updates.  Enjoy!


Everybody Loves A TV Performance

It's taken Tears For Fears quite awhile to gather the old crew back together and record an album, but that album is about to hit the street on Tuesday. Everybody Loves A Happy Ending will finally see a release on American shelves on this week and along with it comes not only an extensive tour but about 12 million dates on US television. Ok, 12 million was an exageration, but not by much...

KTLA Morning News - 9/13 (Los Angeles),
Tonight Show - 9/14,
Conan OBrien - 9/21,
Carson Daly - 9/22,
CNN The Biz - 9/23,
A&E Breakfast with the Arts - 9/24,
Today Show - 9/25,
Late Late Show - 9/27,
Jimmy Kimmell - 10/18