Clearing the May Backlog in June...

So my life in May was pretty much on hold because I was switching jobs.  And as regular readers might be aware, any slight modification in my life results in massive neglect to excellent online (hey, we've been doing this for over ten years, that says something right?).  I was contacted by a recruiter for a Seattle-based company back in February and went through several phone interviews.  After each one, I'd wait a week then politely ask for the status.  Another week would go by then a response saying that I've advanced to the next step.  So persistence is their first test.  How badly do you want this job?  Bad enough for you to keep emailing us?

After four phone interviews (all with their appropriate delays), I get invited for the onsite.  I was pretty anxious this whole time but the onsite interview really kicks it into overdrive.  Now I'm plagued with thoughts like, "how am I going to find a place to live in Seattle" or "will I adjust to the lack of sunshine."  Truely first world problems because obviously I can adjust to anywhere.

While this is happening, I interview with a local company (I'm in southern California, btw) and they offer me the position but I tell them that I cannot accept until I interview in Seattle.  I'm not going to bore you with the details of the interview other then to say it was a full day (10:30am-5pm, also interviewed during lunch!) and was the most intense interview I've ever had.  They asked if I wanted to stay in Seattle an extra day to check out the city.  But I was a big bag of nerves and wanted to get home as soon as possible and get back to my wife and kid.  The weekend was more of the same, a nervous wreck.  They were going to notify me on Monday evening about the status so I was super pissed that I didn't get a response until Tuesday morning.  They declined.  Bummer.

So I accepted the position from the other local company and while I'm sad that I'm not moving to Seattle, I think staying down here is good for me for right now.  So that's why there hasn't been a post in a while.  ;)


BLUR BLUR BLUR BLUR (and some other stuff)

I skipped last week since it was a slow news week. Not actually slow since all the music blogs had tons of crap they were reporting. Just nothing new or interesting to me. (In a bad mood, sry)


Metric Gives Advance Screenings To Live DVD

In November we got word that our beloved Canadian band Metric was releasing a live DVD from their show at the Metropolis in Montreal. While the DVD is slated for a February 12 street date.  Source

Metric - Live

Metric, Richard's On Richards

I wonder sometimes, do other people feel this way about shows I dislike? I had a great time at the Metric show tonight. At some points, the vocalist made me cringe. She's a hot girl and she knows it, and she works it. But, anyone who works it by sticking her tongue out and yanking her miniskirt down unceremoniously is okay by me.

Although, shaking your head to create vocal vibrato is funny once, but definitely not four times in one song, and at least six times more in the set. She definitely has stage presence, and I appreciate a female vocalist running around like a crazy person to entertain the audience, because it just doesn't happen that much.


South/Metric - Live

South/Metric - San Diego, CA - Brick by Brick - February 1st, 2004

Review by Jason

Almost 2 years to the day and South is back in San Diego.

First, props to South for not skipping us like Elbow did this time around. Bastards.

Second, I knew they would have improved this time! Yay! Hooray! I'll get to that in a few.