Purge #2: Death Cab, Joy Division, Smiths, Cypress Hill, Radiohead (as usual), She & Him, Elbow, Muse, Badly Drawn Boy and more

By theajaysharma

Here's the next round of updates that I've written over the last couple of months but never got around to posting.  Enjoy!



  • Death Cab For Cutie's next album will be produced by Alan Moulder.  If you don't know who Alan Moulder is, you should.  He's produced records for Depeche Mode, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Interpol, Smasing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails and that's just scratching the surface. 
  • Reddit's top albums of 2010 as voted by the Redditors.  Not a bad list.
  • So when the Peter Hook Joy Division show came to LA I was all set to go but backed out at the last second.  Now I find out that Perry Ferrell joined him onstage to sing Transmission.  Damnit!
  • The Smiths are now on iTunes.
  • One of the backup singers in Cypress Hill is suing the makers of the video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  He's mad because the story line resemebles his life.  He wants 250 million.
  • Did you know that Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' and 'OK Computer' could be mixed together to make one super album?  It actually sounds a'right.
  • I have no idea what they sound like, but "Gay For Johnny Depp", has to be one of the greatest band names ever.  UPDATE:  I now know what they sound like and it's pretty bad, still funny name though.
  • She & Him doing 'I Put A Spell On You', lots of people didn't like it but I dug it when I saw it live.
  • Elbow's new album, "Build A Rocket, Boys", will be out soon and here's a track from it:  Lippy Kids.  I can't f'in wait!
  • I love this Chemical Brothers track, 'The Salmon Dance', can't believe I never saw this video before.
  • Are you in a good mood and instead want to be suicidal?  Here you go, Jeff Buckley doing "I Know It's Over" by the Smiths.
  • This is pretty awesome, even if you're not a Muse fan click on this link and check out how they filmed this video.  Apparently they had a bunch of camera rigs that can film in 360 degrees.  So you can control the video and spin it all the way around while show is going.  Seriously, more stuff should be filmed like this.
  • Did you hear about Badly Drawn Boy having a bit of a meltdown at his LA show back in December?  He was having some technical difficulties and then turned on the audience.  I saw him get pissed at his Coachella performance many years ago when they put him in a tent in the middle of the afternoon.  They had promised him a headlining slot and he was mad that he flew out for that gig.  Same sorta thing happened at this LA show.  He was mad and ranted about being away from his wife and kids.  NME has the video as well so you can see for yourself.
  • On the same trip that Badly Drawn Boy had the meltdown, he also stopped by a studio and recorded a cover of the Stone Roses' "I Wanna Be Adored."
  • Duran Duran performing their new song, "All You Need Is Now" which is kinda crappy.  I saw this Duran Duran cover band, "Rio" over the weekend and it was surprisingly good.  The second they started "Anyone Out There" from the first album, I was blown away.  They played a set of Duran Duran hits for Duran Duran fans.
  • Blur might record an album in 2011.  Really, that sums it up.  There have been about fifty articles on it in the past few months, but no one really knows what the hell is going on.
  • Ride is going to release their 20th Anniversary Edition of Nowhere in February.  I want this for the box alone.
  • The crossing where the Abby Road cover photo was taken is getting the "Grade II" listing (ie, becoming an official "Historic Landmark").  I went to England in 1999 and visiting the site was one of the many highlights of the trip (along with interviewing Nick McCabe, visiting the Swervedriver 'Bad Earth' studio, and seeing Ultrasound and Orbital at Glastonbury).
  • You can download a Smiths bootleg LP which has some rare outtakes including a reggae version of "Girlfriend in a Coma" (via Slicing Up Eyeballs)
  • Download/Watch the full Haiti Benefit concert that Radiohead put on in Los Angeles last year.
  • WOW.  A few weeks ago the #1 album in America was achieved by selling a measly 52,000 copies of a record!  Remember when you were a kid and albums would sell *millions* in the first week?  Or you'd hear quotes, "the album went gold in the first week!"  (gold being when an album sells 500,000 copies).  The album in question was Taylor Swift but that's not important.  On flip side, NSync sold 2.42 million, that's MILLION, copies of their album in 2001.  What a crazy decade, the Internet is such an amazing equalizer.

    Fast forward a week...

  • CAKE just took the title away and they now have the lowest selling #1 album in America by selling only 44,000 copies!  Cage, the Elephant was #2 with 39,000 copies.

    Fast forward a week...

  • Holy shit, the Decemberists now have the #1 album in America!  Damn, it seems like anyone with a popular Facebook page can get to #1!  (kidding, I like the Decemberists).  At least their numbers were more respectable, they sold nearly 94,000 copies.  Cake from last week dropped to #25 and Cage the Elephant also dropped down to #28.

That's it for today... more tomorrow.