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Monday Wrapup: Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, Daft Punk, Girls, XX, Prodigy, Joy Division and Scalpers

I'm having more fun writing these summaries, I think I found my new format.  Now if I can only put this together quicker I might do it daily instead of sporatically.  Anyway, lots of links in this one, enjoy!


Lou Reed & Moby Perform "Walk On The Wild Side"

At different times and for different reasons, everybody in Austin seemed to be talking about Lou Reed and Moby this year: It was Lou's year to be honored with keynote speaker status, and the FADER Fort hosted its own version of a tribute, calling Mark Kozelek, My Morning Jacket, Yo La Tengo, and others to cover Lou's tunes to free-liquor fed, dinner-skipping crowd. As for Moby, well like we said, he's newly resurgent, our DJ friends' consensus pick for Most Improved Player.

Anyway about that Lou Reed tribute: We brought you the pics a few days ago, but now the FADER folks have upped Lou's only performance: fittingly, a duet with fellow South By buzz boy Moby on one of those Reed tunes every single person in the audience was sure to know. - Source

Lou Reed Blogs About Boxing, Tours the World

Speaking of which, Lou's got a mess of stuff on the docket over the next several months, with a two-fer down there at South by Southwest and an intercontinental tour in the spring and summer. Let's discuss. - Source