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Tons of Good Shows Coming Up...

Lots of good tour news last week.  I bought tickets to see Godspeed but got my scheduling messed up because it's on the same day as Coachella.  Damn, would've loved to see Godspeed at Big Sur, CA.  If you ever get a chance to drive up the California coast, do it.  But remember, it's a LONG drive so make sure you plan accordingly.


Watch Spiritualized Performing "Ladies and Gentlemen..." Live Tonight (*Updated*)

Spin is celebrating their 25th anniversary with five nights of live music.  I've apparently been under a rock so I only found out about it this morning.  Tonight they will be streaming Spiritualized perform "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" album in it's entirety.  The stream starts at 8:30 EST (5:30 PST).  Unfortunately you have to sell your Facebook soul because it will force to log in via Facebook, then you have to "like" it before it'll let you watch the stream.  I'm starting to miss the days where companies would ask for your email address and you can provide a fake one.

UPDATE:  It looks like Spin is rebroadcasting the videos from last week so the Smashing Pumpkins are on tonight (August 2nd).  The Flaming Lips will be on tomorrow, then the National on Thursday and Spiritualized will wrap up the week on Friday, August 6th.

Smashing Pumpkins Hint At Gish Box, Tour

That headline may have you feeling shivers down your spine, so I don't mean to crush the moment but I'm gonna, so mark my words: This will go down as a golden age for the music industry's inventive (not inventive) profit regeneration on the back of pure moments from the early '90s. This week we'll dip into Liz Phair's wellspring of carnal confusion at Hiro with Exile live (plus handy repackaged version of the album as souvenir), and the Pumpkins are alluding to doing the same with their debut:
- Source

Smashing Pumpkins sue label over band name usage

Smashing Pumpkins are suing their former record label, Virgin Records, claiming that the label used the band name in promotional activities when it had no right to do so. - Source

Coachella 2006 Rumors

COACHELLA is right around the corner and it's that time of the year where the rumors start flying before the official line-up is announced. DEPECHE MODE has already confirmed their appearance and a SMASHING PUMPKINS reunion is also possible. Recently I received an image of a fake lineup that people are passing around as the real thing. While that looks like a good list, I prefer the line up with Creed and Boyz II Men headlining. :)

Smashing Pumpkins and Select Bit the Big One

Not a great weekend for music, in general... Beyond the Smashing Pumpkins playing their last 4 1/2 hour gig at the Metro in Chicago on Saturday night (some of us Chicago-area admins of this site actually hold a bit of respect for Corgan & Co. for putting Chitown back on the music map,) we've now been informed thanks to the BBC that SELECT magazine is folding.


Depeche Mode Tribute Album

The Cure, Failure, Smashing Pumpkins, Meat Beat Manifesto, and the Deftones are just a few artists who have contributed to the upcoming Depeche Mode tribute album entitled, "For the Masses". 1500 Records is planning on releasing the compilation on August 4th.