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Shaun Ryder Greatest Hits? Oh And Black Grape Reform

The headline of NME's story is Shaun Ryder Reforms Black Grape.  Which is fine, but what I found interesting is, "[the reunion] will coincide with the release of a Shaun Ryder greatest hits album".  What the?  I'm not a walking music encyclopedia but this is the first time that I heard of a singer of two bands releasing a greatest hits collection.  I tried using my google-fu to get more information about this release but didn't find anything substantial.  In any case, it should be interesting to see the tracklisting when it comes out.

Ryder Quits Black Grape

We told you about it on April 8, but this week it's official: BLACK GRAPE are no more. Shaun Ryder has told Melody Maker this week that he has no future plans to record again under the name of the Grape. However, NME is reporting that Black Grape's management company says otherwise, and to not to put the tombstone on the Grape grave just quite yet. We'll keep you updated as the saga progresses.

Black Grape take a Break

Looks like things are officially heading to an end for the trouble-plagued BLACK GRAPE. As you'll remember, founders Shaun Ryder and Kermit got into a row around New Year's, causing Kermit to leave the band for an indefinite time period. Now NME is reporting today that Shaun Ryder has officially announced that the band is on indefinite hiatus in order for Ryder to pursue a film career.