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Ed Harcourt Set To Score Donnie Darko Sequel

So its not something in Arcade Fire's immediate future, but other musicians are in the works of creating movie soundtracks. Ed Harcourt has just signed on for scoring duties for S. Darko, the supernatural sequel to Donnie Darko - Source

All Your Days Will Be Blessed

Available this week in the UK is the new single by British crooner Ed Harcourt called 'All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed'. The limited edition single features two new bonus tracks and an enhanced video for the A-side. Ed just finished a support slot on the recent Supergrass UK tour and will be headling his own UK tour in the upcoming weeks. His new album 'From Every Sphere' will be released in the UK on Heavenly on February 17.

There's an interesting video of uh... Ed as "Racoon Boy" available on the Capitol website. Ed's last album was released in the US by Capitol. No word yet on a US label or date for the new album.