felix da housecat

Dancing with the Pet Shop Boys

On February 3 (UK) the Pet Shop Boys will release their third album in the 'Disco' series. Following in the tradition of previous 'Disco' albums, Disco 3 will be complimenting the recent studio releases, but in a new twist Disco 3 includes new tracks recorded during the studio sessions but not previously released.

The album will contain 10 dance tracks that were created during the studio sessions that begat 'Release' in 2002. It will be available on CD or the limited edition three-disc vinyl format (featuring extra remixes by Felix da Housecat and Westbam). The highlight of the new 'Disco 3' release could be the track that was written in 1983 by original PSB producer Bobby 'O'.


Dot, Dot, Dot ...

So the trend continues of adding bonus songs to UK artist's US releases. DOT ALLISON's US release of 'We Are Science' will have a remix of "Substance" by FELIX DA HOUSECAT and a remix of "We're Only Science" by SLAM. The album is to be released domestically on Beggars on November 5.