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Smattering of News That's All Over the Place.

The news was a little light last week as I spent a bunch of time in the hostpital with my wife as she was recovering from giving birth to our son.  YAY!  I'm a father!


Football *cough* Soccer *cough* Anthems

The battle of the British football anthem appears to have a clear winner. BADDIEL/SKINNER AND THE LIGHTNING SEEDS' re-hashed version of "Three Lions" has shot straight to #1 on the UK charts, while this year's official anthem, the Spice Girls/Ian McCullough ENGLAND UNITED collaboration, "(How Does It Feel to Be) On Top of the World," debuted last week at a disappointing #9, and has now dropped this week to an insignifigant #19.

World Cup Supergroup Track

This year's England World Cup song "(How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of the World" was co-written by Ian McCulloch and Johnny Marr . It is set to be released on June 1st. The track also features all the Spice Girls on backing vocals, as well as contributions by members of Space and Ocean Color Scene . Also scheduled for release is "Three Lions 98" from the Lightning Seeds , a reworking of their prior World Cup theme.