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Jarvis Cocker/Little Joy @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles 7/27/09

Despite not being sold-out -- maybe a little surprising? -- and joking he was "knackered" and grabbng for water after opening with "Angela," Jarvis put all of himself into last night's show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. There were jumps and dance moves. He even did the worm. (Really.) Opening the night were Little Joy, the band best known as a Strokes side-project, playing without the Stroke in the project. Apparently Fab is off making a record with Nickel Eye and that Phrazes For The Young guy and etc.? Photographer Andrew Youssef kindly files these photos. And on the Jarvis front, here's a cool remix of "You're In My Eyes (Discosong)" by Pilooski. - Source

Jarvis Cocker reveals more details on Wes Anderson soundtrack

Jarvis Cocker has revealed more about the songs he's writing for Wes Anderson's new movie 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. - Source

Jarvis Cocker Describes 'Loud' Sophomore Effort

He exclaims: *What I've tried to do with the new stuff, rather than me just sit there and wait for inspiration to come at some point, which takes ages, instead I've written stuff together with other people. And it's a bit louder. That really made me think. I'd never really had that before. Pulp could be loud, but we didn't really rock. Well, maybe occasionally.*  - Source

Editors, Jarvis, Futureheads On Indie Comp

We love seeing people celebrating independent music. Following on the heels of Record Store Day here in the US, a worldwide campaign called Independents Day will be taking place on the 4th of July weekend. This event will be to help raise money for the independent music community as well as their selected charities - Source

View Jarvis Cocker's Early Films

As most super fans know, Jarvis Cocker attended film school at Saint Martin's College. While most people know him from his musical career as opposed to his film making one, there are pieces of his celluloid past floating around (he did an Aphex Twin video amongst others) - Source

Jarvis Cocker to deliver lyrics lecture

Jarvis Cocker is to deliver a lecture on the art of writing lyrics as part of the Brighton Festival. - Source

New Jarvis Cocker - "Girls Like It Too" (Live in Buenos Aires)

Looks like we have to go all the way to Argentina to hear the new cheekily titled Cocker tune, "Girls Like It Too." Or, let somebody else go and check their YouTube. (Thanks for the tip, Lucas.) Jarvis knows his audience and surroundings well, peppering the background info on the boy/girl narrative with Argentinean slang terms, "chabon" and "mina." See, the chabon is really drunk and can't remember what happened, if anything. "Or, if it did happen, it certainly didn't last very long," quoth the Cocker. Then comes the anthem. (Wow, we just had a lot of unintended innuendo there.) - Source

Jarvis Cocker and Beth Ditto joint single out today

Jarvis Cocker and The Gossip's Beth Ditto's cover version duet of Heaven 17's 'Temptation', recorded live at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2007, is being released as a single today (February 18). - Source