louis phillppe

A Message from Louis

Louis Philippe sent us a message just for you. :-)

"Quite a few American fans have asked me if and when my new album, My Favourite Part of You, would be available in the US...I'm sorry to say that we haven't found any licensing deal so far. BUT the album will be available in so-called "specialist" shops - I'm thinking of Other Music in NYC, for example - from 25 March onwards. You can already order it on the web from www.XIIIbis.com, and a link will be put up on my website, www.louisphilippe.co.uk.

Apologies for this shameless bit of self-promotion. And many thanks to my American friends, who have been so patient and so loyal over the years. One last thing: make sure you vote next time, and don't let a fundamentalist cross-eyed war-crazed monkey in the White House. I have spoken.
Peace to you all.

My Favourite Part Of... Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe (BBC Correspondent, Football Journalist and 'el recording artist extraordinaire) is set to release a new album, My Favourite Part of You on March 25. Appearing on the new album are Sean O'Hagan and Harvey Williams amongst Louis' usual collaborators. You can sample 2 tracks ( My Favourite Part of You and Seven Years) from the new material on Louis' Website. I'd love to see him do a small US tour to support this, but I was once told by Matt Jacobsen

that Louis has a heart condition that prevents him from long distance international travel.