Bis Record Powerpuff Girls Theme

BIS have recorded the theme song for the Cartoon Network's new series, The Powerpuff Girls. Featuring a trio of kindergarten-aged superheroes, the new series combines stylish design, techno background music, and truly demented plotlines. While nominally a children's show, the series includes subtle adult humor as well. The Powerfull Girls debut November 18 on the Cartoon Network. Bis' latest U.S. release, the "Intendo" mini-lp, is available now, and the band is working on a full scale album for 1998, tentatively tiled "Social Dancing".

Boo Radleys Hidden Track

Not that it's particularly breaking news or anything, but last night, members of our mailing list have discovered the existence of a hidden track on the new BOO RADLEYS album, "Kingsize." Start the CD playing on the first track. Then hold the reverse scan button and, magically, the disc backs up BEYOND the first track, revealing an unheard 1:22 intro to the album. Nifty.

Bjork May Retire

According to the Swedish newspaper "Expressen", BJORK is considering giving up her career after another incident involving a deranged fan. An individual who had apparently been stalking her for four years broke into the home of the singer's mother and left threatening messages on their answering machine. An American fan killed himself after mailing Bjork a letter bomb a few years ago. The bomb was intercepted before it could cause any harm.

Ivy and Kristin Hersh Release News

Some American news today to tide you over. IVY's second album, "Apartment Life" has just been reissued on Sony's 550 Records label. Some tracks on the rereleased version have been remixed and there was a bit of new recording involved in the project as well. KRISTIN HERSH is releasing her third solo album via the internet only. Entitled "Murder, Misery and then Goodnight", the album is a collection of songs played to her by her parents when she was a child.


Sister Ray Is Back Online

SISTER RAY, our favorite UK mail order record store, is once again online. Their exceptional customer service and 7-day delivery to the States continues to astound us. Their new site (currently in development) can be found at

Depeche Mode on Letterman

DEPECHE MODE will be appearing on the David Letterman show on November 2nd.

Ian Brown Free At Last

Just when we thought King Monkey was all tied up in the pokey, IAN BROWN has been freed from jail after only a couple days, pending an appeal. All touring and promotions commitments appear to be pushed back to the New Year.

Blur Split Rumor: False

First off, let it be known that the rumour racing about the Internet that BLUR have split appears to be, at this phase, totally false. A forwarded so-called "press release" making its way through the UK-indie-related mailing lists is claiming that a rift between Graham and Alex has split the band. After 24 hours, there has been NO official word from Food Records or from Blur management to suggest this rumour as being true. So until WE tell you otherwise, all is fine and dandy at Camp Blur.

Noel Is Not The Walrus

NOEL GALLAGHER has fessed in an exclusive interview with NME that the OASIS version of the Beatles' classic "I Am the Walrus" was NOT recorded live at the Glasgow Cathouse as it states on Oasis' releases. Apparantly the band intended to release the Glasgow show version... until they realized their performance was "rubbish!" The group's released version was in fact taped at a soundcheck prior to an Oasis promotional stop at the Gleneagles Sony Seminar, and the "crowd noise" present on the recording is actually nicked from a Faces bootleg.

Belle And Sebastian Back On Tour

It looks as though the BELLE AND SEBASTIAN U.S. tour is back in full swing. Two dates over the weekend had to be cancelled when cellist Isobel, fighting the stomach flu, had to be rushed to the hospital due to an allergic reaction to her antibiotics. David and Katrina at Jeepster report that everything appears to be back on track, and the remainder of the tour dates should be fulfilled.