A Rush and a Push

By shane

So now the warm fuzzies start to sink in... Our dream of the past year and a half is finally a reality, and you've officially encountered Excellent Online. The fact that you're here reading this now is all that we wanted. Allow me to formally say 'allo. My name's Shane, and I'm one of the 4 administrators of our spanky new facilities here.

In the coming months, you'll see features and columns on this part of the site, from some of the best Indie minds that "our" side of the pond can offer. In the meantime, though, I hope you'll indulge me thru the next few paragraphs of basic information, as well as some well-deserved THANK YOU'S to people who have made EXCELLENT a reality.

Excellent began NOT as an idea for a website, but as a mailing list collective for American fans of British music, that ended up quickly evolving into what you see before you now. Why do we exist? WHY is there a NEED for a North American home for fans of Brit Indie? Let me tell you, it's a tough hobby to have when you're stuck in the middle of the corn belt... news, information, and records are NOT easy to come by in these parts... it's not real fun obsessing over bands that NO ONE ELSE IN YOUR TOWN has ever heard of, and probably never will. For me personally, I have to drive 2-3 hours to get to most shows (Chicago, Milwaukee are MY nearest major metropolitan areas.) So that's what WE'RE for... to make your life as a North American britpopper a little bit easier. We ARE the #1 source on the Internet for North American tour, news, and release information for modern British recording artists. You want to know when Spiritualized is playing in Canada? LOOK HERE. You want to know when the Propellerheads album is coming out in the States? LOOK HERE. Add to that our album, single, and tour reviews submitted by members of our own Excellent Mailing List... a chat room and gathering place for Anglophiles like yourselves... and a way for you to join the aforementioned mailing list and be instantly hooked up with other North American popfolk.

We're not web administrator professionals, let's get that straight off the bat. We've all got day jobs -- this is a HOBBY, folks. We just care about the music and the scenes as much as you do, and this is our way to kick back, have some fun, and learn a thing or two at the same time. This is our humble admission to you that WE'RE NOT PERFECT and are ALWAYS up for a good suggestion or two. If there's anything you'd like to share or submit, be it breaking news, tour dates, or offer an idea up to us, send us a quick e-mail on the contact page - we'd love your feedback... To sum, I hope you have a decent time lurking about the site, and of course be sure to check round are way often, because we DO update things DAILY. But, like I said earlier, before you click back, I have to acknowledge a few people who helped to inspire and assist in the creation of this site.

  • First off, on behalf of myself, Stuart, and Vroo, we'd like to thank Ajay for the great job on designing the site... the graphics, format, and domain space for this is ALL owed to him. Welcome aboard.
  • Chris McCreight and the staff of Discus Records, Chicago (708-418-1850,) for the initial ideas to form a site to house the mailing list.
  • Jeremy Dedic, a cool cat who gave good suggestions from Day One. Visit his site, www.nodal.com
  • A quick thanks to ALL the Brit Indie mailing list administrators out there, in particular the administrators of the Trash Can Sinatras mailing list, probably the best run music list on all of the Internet. Our cross-posting on your lists have helped us out quite a bit, and we ARE grateful.
  • The original popkids from Grand Central... it all had to begin SOMEwhere.
  • Allison Shaw, wherever you may be.
  • And MOST importantly, thanks to ALL of the members of the Excellent-UK-Indie Mailing List, for supporting us in the building of this site over the past year. Special kudos to Mia (*snog*), Jadsie and Jadsie Jr., and Kari & Shane Winn.