New Charlatans Video - "The Misbegotten"

As previously reported, the Charlatans are giving away their new album. Yes, it's free. Same with the fish-eyed Douglas Hart-directed video for first single "You Cross My Path." The grainy walkabout was shot throughout Los Angeles with ageless frontman Tim Burgess, his iPod, much air punching and finger pointing, that peerless bowl cut, and a stuffed raccoon. Also, right smack dab in the middle, note that TB's already pondering "the end." Not sure why, it's a solid track. - Source

Video - The Charlatans "Oh! Vanity"

We have been loving the return to form with The Charlatans' You Cross My Path, which you can download for free. The physical copy comes out on May 19 overseas, so be sure and pick that up - Source

The Charlatans UK Visit 'Lily Allen & Friends'

Watch the legendary act perform their brand new single, 'Oh Vanity', below. - Source

The Charlatans And Xfm Listeners Make History

How much are you lot loving The Charlatans' new album, 'You Cross My Path'? Judging by the amount downloaded, absloutely ruddy loads. - Source

The Charlatans give new album away for free

The Charlatans have made their new album 'You Cross My Path' available as a free digital download on website. - Source

The Charlatans give away new album for free

The Charlatans have announced their tenth studio album, 'You Cross My Path', will be available to download for free from the band's official website and from March 3.  Source

'One Off' with the Charlies

The Charlatans (UK) have announced via their website that the world can expect a new single from them this summer. While it appears they've only laid down 4 tracks so far, this is an even better sign that the band is not going to let Tim's forthcoming solo career get in the way of future Charlatan's releases. The four songs in progress have the working titles of: "Try Again Today", "Wave The World Goodbye", "Feel The Pressure" and "See How Clear It is". Oh, and if you'd like some T, Timmy will be serving it in the Park on Sunday, July 13. ;-)

Charlatans in Not-to-Split Shocker!

Lots of people have been talking about the possible demise of THE CHARLATANS lately, what with Tim Burgess apparantly permanently relocated to the States and the commencement of his first solo album - but Timmy himself shocked the hell out of all of us this week when he posted to the forum on the band's official website to reveal that four songs have been finished for the next Charlatans album, and that fans should be able to hear the tunes "later in the year."

Charlatans / Starsailor

Los Angeles, CA, Palace
January 11, 2001

The Charlatans are known for bringing along the "hot new indie" band for their support. Some previous bands were: Catherine Wheel, Menswe@r, Stereophonics, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. So Starsailor fit right into their supporting role and banged out a decent set. The Charlatans did the same. So why did this show suck ass?


Charlatans Cancel Several Tour Dates

Tania notified us that the Charlatans have cancelled several dates on their upcoming east coast US tour "due to todays events in New York and Washington".