Oh Nuts! Bad News from Camp Charlatan

Maybe the Hammond B-3 is cursed...


Charlatans Live

Charlatans w/ B.R.M.C.
El Rey, Los Angeles
Wednesday, July 24, 2001

I lost count, I think I've seen the Charlatans over 6 times going back to their mind-blowing performance at the Palladium in 1992. I wasn't too excited about this gig because over the years the Charlatans have been putting out substandard records. Their first couple of albums were great with a few bad songs, but now they've been reduced to bad albums with some great songs. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was opening and that was enough for me to go.


Charlatans Hit the States

Charlatans will be doing a small US tour to preview their new album, Wonderland. The album is scheduled to be released September 10 on MCA. Support duties will be handled by the great, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Click on "Read More" for the onsale dates. July 24, Los Angeles, on sale June 16
July 25, Los Angeles, on sale June 16
July 28, San Francisco, on sale June 10
July 30, Chicago, sale June 16
Aug. 1, New York, sale June 27

Charlatans "Us And Us Only" News

CHARLATANS forever! NME is reporting that the Charlatans new album, "Us and us only" will be released in the UK on October 18. Contrary to prior reports, the first single, due October 4, is "Forever", rather than "The Blonde Waltz". A full UK tour is planned for October. No word yet on U.S. dates.

Charlatans Update

THE CHARLATANS are ready for an active second half of 1999. Following festival appearances this summer, the band returns with a new single in August and an album in September. The album is reportedly in the final stages of mixing. In other Charlatans news, their former accountant has pled guilty to stealing about $ 500,000 from the band and will be spending a little time in the big house.

Superstars in our midst? NME is reporting this week that TIM BURGESS of the Charlatans has been popping up incognito on Internet chat rooms and websites, aimlessly talking to fans without revealing his true identity. Makes ya wonder if there are other mega-stars roaming around on our usual hangouts... maybe they're right here on our website... maybe they're members of our mailing list... maybe we'll actually find Richey James... maybe I'm Thom Yorke... the mind boggles.

Studio Check

There's a bevy of studio activity afoot right now. Here's a look at some of the bands in the creative process as we speak:

MANSUN have begun work on their third album, the follow-up to "Six," which was just released in the U.S. this week. Initial reports indicate the band's heading for a more straight-forward approach with this one.

THE CHARLATANS have completed construction of their new personal studio, and are hard at work on their first album to be recorded since the untimely death of keyboardist Rob Collins. Expect an August release, we're told.


Charlatans and Bunnymen Updates

THE CHARLATANS appear to be nearly ready to start releasing new material. The next single is said to be entitled, "The Blonde Waltz", and a late March or early April release date seems likely. The new album, tentatively titled, "New Start" may be out as soon as this May. Also, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN are set to release their new album in the U.K. on April 6, preceded by a single called "Rust".

Charlatans Hit the Studio

THE CHARLATANS are in the studio working on their follow-up to "Tellin' Stories". The new album is targeted for a summer '99 release, and it appears that the band will not be playing any live shows until the new record comes out.

Charlatans One-Off Gig in LA

I've just spoken with a friend who is a concert promoter in the Los Angeles area and she said that Charlatans will be playing a show in the area to promote their recent release, Melting Pot. She didn't specify if this was a full tour of the US or just a couple of gigs in New York and Los Angeles. Keep an eye on the tour page for the dates.