Godspeed, Avalanches, Stone Roses, Chemical Brothers live film, Adam Ant tour dates? So much stuff this last week.

Lots of stuff this week.  I'm using the "predict a coachella appearance" expression a bit too much for my taste.  There are just a lot of tour dates announced and they all put bands in Southern California in late April.  In any case, lots of good stuff this week, enjoy!


Justice Debuts New Video

Enjoy the duo's clip for 'Stress' below. Download a reinterpreted Justice tune at bottom. - Source

Live - Justice @ The Concourse | SF

"Hi miss, where are you going?" my hippie cab driver asked me as I popped into his backseat Thursday night. He was wearing a tie-dye T-shirt that somehow was collared, and giant bifocals on his nose. When I responded "8th and Brannan, please," he asked me if I was going to "that one show" tonight; ordinarily, cabbies have - Source

NME Conducts SXSW Interview With Justice

Watch the 2-minute Q&A (from a hotel room) below. Visit Justice on MySpace.MP3: Justice - Waters Of Nazareth (JR Mix) - Source

New Justice Video - "DVNO"

Justice once again enlist the artwork services of So Me a.k.a. the man behind those Gummy winning magic tees for "DVNO," a video so nice we decided to work on Saturday for it. As Mehdi Pinson sings, Mr. Me illustrates the lyrics in his pop art style (particularly loving the old-school HBO logo treatment of DVNO), with the help of Machinemolle on motion-design. It's okay if you don't watch it now, though; history dictates that Kanye will request So Me do a slightly modified, watered down version for himself in a few months. - Source

New Justice Video - "Phantom II"

The reigning champs of indie video making climb back into the ring, here with less magic tees and more Justice birthday cake. Plus, despite the title and the sound, "D.A.N.C.E." was really just a leisurely stroll; at least here the kooky family in question makes nice with the beat. Their coordination is helped by the editor's scrubbing the footage, definitely, but with those pendant closeups, we get the sense it's the power of the cross  that compels them. - Source