Video - The Making Of Spiritualized's "Soul On Fire"

BBC6's Matt Everitt recently met up with Spiritualized's Jason Pierce at a warehouse full of old hospital equipment to chat about his first single in four years, "Soul On Fire." - Source

New Spiritualized - "Soul On Fire"

J Spaceman Pierce's lazer guided melodies are pretty Flaming Lips-y on "Soul On Fire," a new tune from Spiritualized's forthcoming Songs In A&E, the first album since 2003's Amazing Grace. ("Soul On Fire" also keeps making us think of Sebadoh's "Soul And Fire," for what it's worth.) The track premiered yesterday on BBC 1's Zane Lowe show, which explains the effusive dialog toward the song's final movement (Zane kinda sounds like he has a movement, too, actually). Do you like your music to be far-reaching and epic? Yeah, us too. Step into the breeze and listen at Deaf Indie Elephants. (Thanks, YiYo.) - Source

Jason Pierce: No To Spacemen 3 Reunion

Spiritualized's frontman Jason Pierce has revealed that he's turned down an offer to reform Spacemen 3. - Source

Spiritualized Details: U.S. LP, Mister Lonely Soundtrack

Looks like Jason Pierce aka J. Spaceman aka Jason Spaceman won't limit the pleasure of enjoying the new Spiritualized album to UK residents only. Us U.S. folk will get our taste of Songs in Aamp;amp;E on June 3 via Fontana International/Spaceman Records. (Yes, it's Songs in Aamp;amp;E, not Song's in Aamp;amp;E, as previously reported. That erroneous apostrophe came courtesy of a post on the Spiritualized MySpace page. -- Ed) - Source

Spiritualized Titles New Album, Shares Track Listing

Songs In A&E is out on May 19th.Complete track listing:

1. Harmony 1
2. Sweet Talk
3. Death Take Your Fiddle
4. I Gotta Fire
5. Soul On Fire
6. Harmony 2
7. Sitting On Fire
8. Yeah Yeah
9. You Lie You Cheat
10. Harmony 3
11. Baby I'm Just A Fool
12. Don't Hold Me Close
13. Harmony 4
14. The Waves Crash In
15. Harmony 5
16. Borrowed Your Gun
17. Harmony 6
18. Goodnight Goodnight

Read my review of SPZ @ Apollo here.MP3: SPZ - Don't Just Do Something - Source

Spiritualized & Nick Cave Set For iTunes Session

What a pairing!  The event will take place on...March 2nd @ London's Air StudiosHead to iTunes Live for further info. - Source

Spiritualized Adds 2 Final Gigs To Acoustic Mainlines Tour

Cali folks that want to skip Coachella are in luck:

April 23rd Santa Barbara - Lobero Theatre
April 25th San Diego - 4th & B

The band's Electric Mainlines tour will begin in May.Visit SPZ at their official site.  Source

Spiritualized Sets Release Date For New LP

The as-yet-untitled LP will see the light of day in mid-May.Additionally, the band will embark on an electric tour this summer.(Their upcoming Coachella gig will be acoustic)For further details, head to SPZ's official site.  Source

Retro Clip: Spiritualized Visits Jools Holland, Circa '97

Read my review of Spiritualized @ The Apollo Theater here. Enjoy 'Broken Heart' below.  Source

The Complete Works of Spiritualized

Spiritualized will be releasing 24 tracks of pure, unadulterated rarities on Spaceman/Arista Records in March. All material is previously unavailable on LP and has been personally selected for the double disc set by Jason Pierce. The Complete Works Part 1 includes over an hour of covers and music from various singles and EPs including 'Electric Mainline'. The set will encompass the first 3 years of the band's existence and will be followed up by a Part 2 later in the year.