Bradford Cox Plays "My Sharona" For an Hour. WTF?

Despite the headline, the real big news is that Grandaddy are gettin back together for some shows.  Hopefully they'll have a full US tour.  Check out the rest of the links below...


Supergrass Clearly No Longer Alright

Wow.  First it took a day or two to get over Ajay giving Little Boots an F in his Coachella pre-review below (*the opinions of site administrators are NOT necessarily the opinions of Excellent Online, Inc. or it's other Little-Boots-loving administrator.  And while we're at it, a C- for Yeasayer? Come ON, man! Hehe!)

But just as THAT shock faded comes news that beloved Britpop stalwarts SUPERGRASS are calling it a day following their current European tour.  Like the swallows to Capistrano, every year brought the expectations of a blindingly good Supergrass record, and their presence on every year's Upcoming Releases list will sorely be missed.

No future plans from any members announced yet, though I'd expect none of them are too eager to cash in a retirement check from the music biz just yet...   

Supergrass, Supergrass

This cheeeky Britpop trio had morphed into a truly world class band. - Source

Supergrass to release 'rockumentary'

Supergrass are to release a 'rockumentary' focusing on the club shows they performed as the Diamond Hoo Ha Men last year. - Source

Supergrass Serve Up New Album

Parlophone will release the full-length offering in the UK on March 24, though single "Bad Blood"-- which features a cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" as one of its CD B-sides-- is available right now across the pond. Check out the video for "Bad Blood", featured in Forkcast, at the link below. - Source

New Supergrass Video - "Rough Knuckles"

Supergrass have been super-present lately: First there was that unending parade of hoo ha and then last week's room-spinning video for Diamond Hoo Ha's second single "Bad Blood," and now we've got ourselves shadowy footage of Gaz laying down the vocal tracks for "Rough Knuckles" at Hansa studios in Berlin. Good to see he keeps those sunglasses on for inspiration. Much of the video is basically the same shot -- he looks oddly foreshortened. Every now and then, though, we do get to see more of the studio. As well as outside a traveling vehicle. Lucky us. Something to keep in mind: the Post-it note eyes are creepy. You'll see what we mean. - Source

Supergrass announce new album details

Supergrass have announced details of their forthcoming sixth album, 'Diamond Hoo Ha'.  Source

New Supergrass Video - "Diamond Hoo Ha Man"

Knock knock. Who's there? Hoo Ha. Hoo Ha who? Yeah, you get the point. When does someone tell Supergrass this whole broo hoo ha is sorta annoying? Guessing it hasn't happened just yet because over at YouTube they've posted the following note about the video for their current single "Diamond Hoo Ha Man":To spare your confusion - the fabulous Diamond Hoo Ha Men are covering for the band in the video, as Supergrass were not available for the shoot.Talk about beating a dead hoo ha.

Otherwise, rocking enough song. You can grab the "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" 7" only single now. Diamond Hoo Ha itself is out 3/31 in the UK on Parlophone.


Supergrass bassist speaks after breaking back

Supergrass' Mick Quinn is on the mend after breaking his back last year.  Source

Supergrass Cancel Remaining Dates of US Tour

Sorry kids... There's been an illness in the Supergrass family and they've had to pull out of their existing US tour. The last four dates of the tour (DC and NYC) have been cancelled. No word on who will be opening for Radiohead at Madison Square Garden later this week.