Bradford Cox Plays "My Sharona" For an Hour. WTF?

Despite the headline, the real big news is that Grandaddy are gettin back together for some shows.  Hopefully they'll have a full US tour.  Check out the rest of the links below...


New Grandaddy/Earlimart Band, Admiral Radley at SXSW

We've previously talked about the new band Admiral Radley which has Jason Lytle (ex-Grandaddy) and member of Earlimart.  Over at you can check out a couple of tracks.  Since their first album isn't due out until the summer, it's really the only way to hear the band.

Jason Lytle (ex-Grandaddy) and Members of Earlimart Team Up

Jason Lytle and Aaron B. from Grandaddy and Aaron E. and Ariana M. from Earlimart are out searching for "Admiral Radley".  According to their site, "The music, the shows, and the press are all secondary.  Above all, we are looking for Admiral Radley."  Right now they don't have an album, but they do have two shows in March, one in Dallas and Los Angeles.  This is a new project for Jason Lytle who finished up touring in support of his first solo album, "Yours Truly, The Commuter", last year.  He's also uploading some songs that he recorded while touring, aptly called, "The Travelodge Sessions".  The first video is titled, "Wonder Why In LA".

Ex-Grandaddy frontman announces comeback

Former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle has announced that he will release his first solo album in May. - Source

Grandaddy Soundtracks Latest Dodge Commercial

Check out the animated ad below (featuring 'AM180').  - Source

Grandaddy - Over and Out

As has been reported in the NME on Friday, California space rockers Grandaddy have called it a day. The official website features a message from drummer Aaron Burtsch:

"yeah, well i guess that's it.

don't really know what to say, and maybe there just aren't words to properly express my feelings about the past 14 years of so. it just goes too deep. maybe i'll post something more proper and detailed sometime in the future, but for now just wanted to tell you all thank you for being there for and with us. we'll never forget you and we'll be forever grateful for being friends and supporters of our dumb band.

please excuse me while i limp off into the sunset."

The "New" Grandaddy Album

I was surfing around CD Now the other day and found this item by Grandaddy. It looks like a brand new album, 'Concrete Dunes', is scheduled to be released on February 19th! Then I wanter over to their official site to get some more information and found the 1-16-01 entry in their news page.


Grandaddy US Tour

GRANDADDY will be touring the US starting April 12 according to their official site. The tour will start on the west coast and move it way across the "whole dammed country". The details are expected to be announced later this week.