Oasis Win Brit Album of Thirty Years. Liam Still "Asshat of Thirty Years"

By theajaysharma

Oasis won the album for "Brits Album of 30 Years" for their superb album, "(What's The Story) Morning Glory".  Liam accepted the award and readied his acceptance speech, "Listen kids, I wanna thank Bonehead, Guigs, Alan White and hte best fucking fans in the world."  Leaving Noel and Andy Bell out.  Then he walked offstage but not before tossing the microphone and the award into the crowd. 

According to the NME, Peter Kay was overheard calling Liam a 'knobhead' (whereas I prefer 'asshat').  THEN Liam writes on his twitter page calling him a "fat fuck" for not insulting him in person.  Yes, Liam's on twitter and he's using it to insult people that insult him behind his back.  Finally, Peter Kay calls Liam a knobhead on his website

I long for those years when Oasis just make records and Liam didn't need to act like an idiot just to drum up attention.