Morrissey Anger At New Smiths Album

Moz frowns at new compilation and explains why his latest solo offering has been delayed. - Source

Morrissey To Start Official Blog

If I were you...I'd keep my eyes peeled here.A proper announcement is expected sometime this week. - Source

Morrissey & Chrissy Hynde Perform Impromptu Gig

NY Post reports: *Chrissy Hynde, Morrissey and British rock god Jeff Beck set up shop in the lobby of the Sunset Marquis in LA the other day for an impromptu concert. "They were jamming," said our spy. "But many of the guests just walked by. They played for four hours, and then Julian Lennon joined them. Some younger types walked by as if they were total losers trying to get a record deal." But soon they were recognized, and the lobby was crowded with fans.* Enjoy a Pretenders tune at bottom of post. - Source

Morrissey Enthusiasts Embrace 'Vulgar Picture'

240 legendary Smiths images.  430 precious Moz portraits.  View the illustrated discography here. - Source

Morrissey To Headline Israel's Heatwave Festival

The rumors are true.He'll perform at the Tel Aviv event on July 29th.Watch Mozzer's video announcement of the gig here. - Source

Morrissey Spends 40K On Rare James Dean Watch

Here's what we've just learned: *Saturday at the Heritage auction house in Dallas Texas, Morrissey bid on and won a rare James Dean watch, the winning bid was $40,000 plus. He did this through a phone bid, which was set up through Heritage. The watch reported as one of James Dean's favorites - one he wore during the filming of "East Of Eden" & much of his early stage work. This is a rare time piece and a wonderful score for Morrissey.* - Source

Stephen Malkmus Compares Writing Style To Morrissey

He shares the following quote with The A.V. Club: *I write with a filter of trying to avoid the completely obvious... It's all pretty organic in that I don't have to think about it too much. It just sort of happens. It's who I am. That's what I do. Like Morrissey or something. Morrissey does that. He's the way he is. He's not thinking, "I have to be like Morrissey," you know? He is Morrissey. And that's how lyrics are for me. Whereas maybe David Bowie, or something, he's a trend-sniffing magpie, and that's his art, his talent.*Read the full article here. - Source

Morrissey/Smiths US album sales in 2007 and total sales since 1992

Here are the Morrissey and Smiths album sales in the Soundscan era (i.e from 1992 onwards), which I received from a friend who works there. Interestingly enough both in 2007 and in total sales since 1992 The Smiths outsell Morrissey, if only just. - Source

'The 10 Things You Never Knew About Morrissey'

Digital Spy counts 'em down.Among the topics/phrases mentioned: Steven Patrick SexualityAnti-Depressants LA vs. Rome - Source

Morrissey: Greatest Hits

11 of the 15 songs on Morrissey's outrageously imbalanced new Greatest Hits-- including two new tracks-- date from the last three years, celebrating the career renaissance kicked off by his You Are the Quarry album. - Source