Moz calls Obama a terrorist, supports him for President

Last month Moz said (interview above): "The people who are attracted to politics are never good people; they're always people who are potentially terrorists. And you can see it in all the people who lead our countries throughout the world.... - Source

The weird and wonderful noises of Morrissey

Pretty funny 2 minute compilation of some of the (mostly) non-word sounds Moz has made in songs. My personal fav? The "ugh!" during the "What She Said"/"Rubber Ring" medley from the Rank live album. Related: Here's live video of two...  Source

New Morrissey Video - "That's How People Grow Up"

Funny, just last night one of us was listening to the Smiths in a bar when someone asked if Morrissey still unbuttoned his shirt during his lives shows. The answer ... "Of course." And here's the James Dean-approved live video to prove it. In addition to Moz's chest, you'll catch his fancy microphone (and tambourine) work, his hardworking backup band of waiters, and the flower-toting fans who love to jump on stage and hug the man briefly, even if it means getting wiped by security.  Source

Morrissey Airs The Smiths Dirty Laundry

This came to our attention last week and we were so stunned by it that we completely forgot to pass the information along, sorry. Mike Joyce (ex-Smiths, eh?) went on BBC 6 last week to declare he was in such dire financial straits that he had to sell all his rare Smiths stuff on eBay. By rare we mean UNRELEASED demos and such that true Smiths enthusiasts would drool over (if they weren't all getting their knickers in a twist about Mike doing this on his own without the approval of any of the other members).


Moz on the record about the new record

So there's news everywhere on the new MORRISSEY record. Well, it's got a title, Ringleader Of The Tormentors, and it's expected out in March. As for the tracklisting and everything else, Morrissey has offered up the details to Billboard. Or you could view the Q & A at the NME. Or you could take a peek at the Questions posed by fans on True-To-You.Net to find out such things like Moz being drawn to people who question authority. Or you could read the book that was reissued last month, Saint Morrissey : A Portrait of This Charming Man by an Alarming Fan. Or you could read the Pitchfork review that compares Jens Lekman to Morrissey, but that last one probably isn't what you're after.

Who put the M in Manchester?

Alright Moz fans... you know the answer to the question so isn't it about time you saw a full length documentary about the man in the theatre? For one night only you can catch the world premier of Morrissey's "Who put the M in Manchester?" in US theatres.

All screenings will be taking place on Monday, March 28 at 8:30 pm local time (except San Diego which will take place on March 29). The $10 tickets are available online at for the following showings:

New York
Loews E-Walk 42nd Street, 247 West 42nd Street

Los Angeles
Universal City 18, 100 Universal City Drive

Loews 600 N. Michigan Avenue

Loews Theater Boston Common, 175 Tremont Street

Emagine Novi, 4425 West 12 Mile Road

Washington DC
Loews Cineplex Rio 18, 9811 Washingtonian Blvd.

San Diego
UltraStar Del Mar Highlands, 12905 El Camino
UltraStar Chula Vista 10, 555 Broadway

As an added bonus if you get to the theatre early you catch see a performance of "How Soon Is Now?" (from Reading 2004) that will not be available on the DVD release.

More Re-Releases on the Docket

Rumor has it that Morrissey's final shows in LA featured him in a vicar's outfit. Not to worry, he apparently still showed off his abs during the ripped shirt portion of his encores. What a perfect tie-in to his new single, I Have Forgiven Jesus. Purely unintentional I'm sure. Moz will be releasing A DVD/CD deluxe edition of "You Are The Quarry" stateside in December. The DVD will feature many new b-sides to American audiences as well as video performances of his Kilborn stint and several music videos. The album marks Moz's most successful release to date (including all Smiths releases) so we're not quite sure why a re-release is needed.
Oh wait, I'm supposed to put editorial content in italics... oops. ;-)

In other unnecessary re-releases, Franz Ferdinand have reissued their debut record for American audiences this past Tuesday to include all the b-sides from their British singles. Apparently, the four US tours in a year weren't enough to catapult their name back onto the top 20 of the "college" radio charts. Oh right, I've neglected to mention they are on their way back to the states for a bevy of radio holiday shows. Well good luck with that...

He's Baaack!

MorrisseyNo, not Chuckie... MORRISSEY! After having to cancel most of his US appearances this summer due to poor ticket sales for the Lollapalooza festival, the king of fop has finalized a US tour for this Fall. All the dates are available in our tour section. Moz is also booked onto The Late Late Show on what is to be the next-to-last taping with Kilbourn as the host (yeah, I don't know when that is either... oh wait August 26). According to the few hundred people who managed to get ticket's for Morrissey's only US show this year at Chicago's House of Blues... he's back in top form, even if his opening act The Killers did manage to set the stage on fire (literally). Then again most of those people paid upwards of $400 per ticket to see him, so we're guessing they're a little biased.


The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

Well, MORRISSEY has emerged from his years of media silence (seven to be exact) and gone into overdrive. Let's see now, he's headlining Lollapalooza, curating the Meltdown Festival, playing shows in the UK and US, stealing the headling slots on SEVERAL UK fesivals and yes... FINALLY releasing that new record. As previously reported 'You Are The Quarry' will hit record store shelves on May 18. So what does the tracklisting look like?


MORRISSEY has finally succumbed to the world wide web. Although his image and music has been plastered about the net since it's inception it took until 2004 for the king of the fops to have an official website. And what news does this new 'official' site bring us? Why record release dates of course! Morrissey's first album in seven years, "You Are The Quarry" is set for a May 18 release in America and the 17th in the rest of the world. The single "Irish Blood, English Heart" will be preceeding the album's release by a week, but I'm sure many of you die hard Moz fans have already heard the live rendition he's been singing for a few years now. Oh... and the other news? If you happen to be in the UK on May 22, Herr Morrissey will be playing the Manchester Evening News Arena. Get your tickets while you can.