Moz on the record about the new record

By liz

So there's news everywhere on the new MORRISSEY record. Well, it's got a title, Ringleader Of The Tormentors, and it's expected out in March. As for the tracklisting and everything else, Morrissey has offered up the details to Billboard. Or you could view the Q & A at the NME. Or you could take a peek at the Questions posed by fans on True-To-You.Net to find out such things like Moz being drawn to people who question authority. Or you could read the book that was reissued last month, Saint Morrissey : A Portrait of This Charming Man by an Alarming Fan. Or you could read the Pitchfork review that compares Jens Lekman to Morrissey, but that last one probably isn't what you're after.