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Coachella Headliners Announced

The Killers, The Cure and Paul McCartney will all play, along with Morrissey, My Bloody Valentine, Franz
Ferdinand, Paul Weller and many, many more... - Source

Franz Ferdinand Tease Fans Ahead Of Third Album

As the band work on the follow up to 'You Could Have It So Much Better', a clip of new material has emerged on YouTube. - Source

Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine for Electric Picnic

Franz Ferdinand, Sex Pistols and Sigur Ros have been confirmed for Ireland's Electric Picnic 2008 festival. - Source

A Softer Side To Franz Ferdinand

As the band record their third album, drummer Paul Thomson has told fans to expect something softer. - Source

Death Cab for Franz Ferdinand

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time comes from a quickly uttered line in the 80's classic 'Say Anything':

"You probably got it all figured out, Corey. If you start out depressed everything's kind of a pleasant surprise. " - Lloyd Dobbler

Such is my general outlook on life... if you start off jaded you won't be disappointed by whatever gets tossed at you. This was the state that I walked into The Aragon Ballroom last night to see the indie-hype-package-tour of Death Cab For Cutie, Franz Ferdinand and The Cribs. I make no qualms about being an indie elitist bastard (except the qualm that the tag is entirely unfair as I'm not really an elitist as I want the world to share in my musical joys) but man, did I feel like the ultimate music snob last night.


Franz Ferdinand on Austin City Limits

I was flipping around the schedule for my MythTV machine and found out that FRANZ FERDINAND was playing on the PBS show, Austin City Limits. Looking at their upcoming schedule, they have a bunch of cool acts coming up like PIXIES, WILCO, POLYPHONIC SPREE, THE FLAMING LIPS and the SHINS. Check your local listings...

More Re-Releases on the Docket

Rumor has it that Morrissey's final shows in LA featured him in a vicar's outfit. Not to worry, he apparently still showed off his abs during the ripped shirt portion of his encores. What a perfect tie-in to his new single, I Have Forgiven Jesus. Purely unintentional I'm sure. Moz will be releasing A DVD/CD deluxe edition of "You Are The Quarry" stateside in December. The DVD will feature many new b-sides to American audiences as well as video performances of his Kilborn stint and several music videos. The album marks Moz's most successful release to date (including all Smiths releases) so we're not quite sure why a re-release is needed.
Oh wait, I'm supposed to put editorial content in italics... oops. ;-)

In other unnecessary re-releases, Franz Ferdinand have reissued their debut record for American audiences this past Tuesday to include all the b-sides from their British singles. Apparently, the four US tours in a year weren't enough to catapult their name back onto the top 20 of the "college" radio charts. Oh right, I've neglected to mention they are on their way back to the states for a bevy of radio holiday shows. Well good luck with that...

Ja! Sie Singt!

For reasons I cannot identify as the Brits have all sorts of crazy rules about releasing music that will make it to the charts apparently... IT boys of the moment FRANZ FERDINAND can't release the German version of 'Tell Her Tonight' as the b-side of their new single. Which is really a shame cos it's REALLY cute. As if they could make their chart topper any poppier, they have... and with a COWBELL (yes, we know how you all feel about cowbells). But, not to fret... Domino Records has put it up on their website for free download. Enjoy!