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So I've been pretty much absent for the last couple of months as the holidays and work has kept me pretty busy.  But my google reader kept piling up and I've finally managed to plow through everything and bring you the best stuff.  Some of this is old stuff so if you're a blog addict then this will all be pretty boring and you'll probably say, "*sigh*, old news!"  For everyone else:  This is what's going on!


Paul McCartney Announces A Pair of U.S. Live Dates

He'll be playing Phoenix on March 28th and then the Hollywood Bowl on March 30.  Tickets go on sale this weekend at Ticketmaster (and at Live Nation but it just redirects to you Ticketmaster so there's no point.  Isn't the Free Market GREAT!).

He will most likely play a combination of tracks from his solo work, Wings, and of course several songs from the Beatles catalog.  If it's anything like his performance at last year's Coachella then it should be an amazing show.  That performance was one of the best shows I've ever seen and I've been to a bunch of shows.

MGMT to open for Paul McCartney in Boston

MGMT are set to open for Paul McCartney at his recently-announced shows at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. - Source

Paul McCartney to play Atlanta benefit concert

Paul McCartney is set to play a benefit concert this summer in an effort to save a historic park in Atlanta. - Source

Shirley Manson On Paul McCartney's Frightening Resemblance To Angela Lansbury

Little did we know when we saw Paul McCartney at Coachella a few weeks ago that Scottish bombshell Shirley Manson was in the audience, too. But according to what she told fellow Scot Craig Ferguson Tuesday night, she was having a little trouble concentrating on the legendary Beatle. Because, naturally, she couldn't stop thinking about Angela Lansbury. Wait, what? - Source

McCartney Previews New Beatles Rock Band Game During Coachella Performance

Though Morrissey's vegetarian rants during his Coachella set were priceless, we find it hard to believe no one is talking about Paul McCartney's set at the festival. Or rather, what was being displayed on the jumbo-tron behind the musician while he played "Got to Get You Into My Life" during his set. - Source

Coachella Headliners Announced

The Killers, The Cure and Paul McCartney will all play, along with Morrissey, My Bloody Valentine, Franz
Ferdinand, Paul Weller and many, many more... - Source

Paul McCartney becomes an honorary Doctor of Music

Sir Paul McCartney has been presented with an honorary doctorate from the USA's prestigious Yale University. - Source

Paul McCartney's divorce: the computer game

A computer game based on the court case involving the divorce settlement between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills has been released online. - Source

Divorce judge: 'Paul McCartney was honest, Heather Mills wasn't'

Justice Bennett, the judge who made the Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills' divorce ruling yesterday (March 17), has said that throughout the case Mills was "inconsistent and inaccurate", while McCartney was "honest". - Source