But Wait, There's More: JAMC, National, YLT, Beady Eye, Suede, Godspeed, Sebadoh, Smiths, Radiohead, and TONS more

By theajaysharma
So I've been pretty much absent for the last couple of months as the holidays and work has kept me pretty busy.  But my google reader kept piling up and I've finally managed to plow through everything and bring you the best stuff.  Some of this is old stuff so if you're a blog addict then this will all be pretty boring and you'll probably say, "*sigh*, old news!"  For everyone else:  This is what's going on!


  • The Jesus and Mary Chain Family Tree, that's how awesome they are.
  • Almost every year Yo La Tengo perform 8 shows in New Jersey for Hanukkah.  As someone who's living in California, it's been a dream of mine to go to these gigs.... maybe next year.  Anyway, this year had some stellar support slots from the likes of Jeff Tweedy and the National.
  • In more Yo La Tengo news, they'll be playing the Noise Pop Festival in February in San Francisco.  Best Coast, Wavves, Ted Leo and others will be playing as well.
  • Oasis broke up this year and no one really cared.  But Liam goes on with the band to create Beady Eye and have announced the new album.
  • Did you know that Brian Eno created the Windows 95 startup sound? (via reddit)
  • Mash-up DJ, "Girl Talk", is getting his own holiday in Pittsburgh.
  • Danny Boyle (film director) says that he's going to make a sequel to Trainspotting.  I do not like this.
  • Suede play a massive indoor show at London's O2 Arena.  I hope Coachella books them.  (HA, I obviously wrote this line weeks ago but never got around to posting it, I can't *WAIT* to see them at Coachella!)
  • Pitchfork has some photo's from Godspeed You! Black Emperor's All Tomorrow's Parties festival.
  • Did you know that Social Distortion have been around for 30 years?  Also, did you know that they only recently made their television debut on Jimmy Kimmel?  So odd.  True story:  My brother and I saw Mike Ness on this public access video show, "Request Video" and someone called in and asked something like "How did you start your band" or something like that.  And he answered, "Well, you gotta stick with it man, just stick with it."  He pretty much answered every question with, "you gotta just stick with it."   To this day, my brother and I will talk about something that's difficult to do (marriage, kids, job, etc...) and say, "well, you gotta just stick with it."  Thanks Mike Ness.
  • Richard Ashcroft played an acoustic gig for some members of his fanclub.  Also his, "United Nations of Sound" project will be releasing their album in the US on March 8th.  I listened to it again, and it's still bad.
  • "14 Actors Acting" is "a video gallery of classic screen types".  The score was done by the amazing Owen Pallett and features actors such as:  Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, and James Franco.  This will be the most odd thing you see today.
  • U.K. politicians debating and using Smith's song titles as puns.  Just wow, really, wow.
  • Johnny Greenwood scored another soundtrack.
  • In one of the recently leaked WikiLeaks documents (aka Cables), North Korea wanted the US to send Eric Clapton over for a concert as a sign of "good will" between the countries.  WTF?
  • Paul McCartney pays tribute to John Lennon on Jimmy Fallon.
  • See Dinosaur Jr. cover The Cure's "Just Like Heaven".

That's it for today, they'll be more tomorrow.