My Life With Morrissey

Ever considered yourself a little obsessive about The Smiths or Morrissey? We've got just the film for you. MY LIFE WITH MORRISSEY is a "dark comedy that chronicles the adventures of an off-kilter office girl whose life unravels when she meets her idol (British rock icon Morrissey) and sets off on a journey of obsessive self-delusion." I'm sure this could never describe any of us right? Directed by Andrew Overtoom (who has also worked as a director on Nickelodeon's "Spongebob Squarepants"), this has been drawing rave reviews from the few people who have seen it thus far. Is this the story of YOUR life? If so, the creators want to talk to you for their upcoming documentary on the world's Greatest Morrissey fans. Check the website to see if it'll be playing a theatre near you.

Under Morrissey's Influence

From the label that brings us the now legendary Back To Mine series is coming a new venture called Under The Influence. The first artist to contribute to this new venture is MORRISSEY who will "draw on the inspirations and all time loves of the world's greatest recording artists". According to Moz's sleeve notes, he chose the artists to "conjure an atmosphere and a special standard because they were (or are) true pop artists. The mere sound of their names is as powerful as their work, so that we only need to hear that name in order to glide into a half-dream state".


Elephant Rights and Morrissey?

According to Virgin Mega Magazine, Morrissey is planning to hold a press conference this month in Australia regarding the unethical treatment of baby elephants in Thailand. He is attempting to expose the government of Thailand for their practices in an undercover video made by PETA. Moz will be distributing leaflets during his current tour of Australia to discourage travel to Thailand by Australian tourists.


Morrissey isn't the only one missing a record label these days... more from Paul Kelly of Birdie on their latest release, "Triple Echo":  "The record will be released in the U.K. on October 22nd, this version differs slightly from the Japanese version, a couple of changed songs and alternative cover etc. but we don't have a U.S. version planned. Kindercore didn't want to release it and Minty Fresh who had expressed an interest in putting out the album in the end decided to turn it down also! You could try or or even perhaps Apricot Records in Germany who are also issuing a version. We are going to revamp the site in time for 22nd Oct and so by then we should have far more buying information. "

Morrissey Cancels Vegas Show

We have breaking news that could jeopardize one of the main draws for this weekend's Coachella Festival. MORRISSEY was forced to cancel his Las Vegas appearance last night after band member Alain Whyte suffered back spasms so severe that he had to be rushed to hospital and put on some pretty hefty muscle relaxants. Morrissey is expected to be a headliner at the show.

Coachella #1

For the past few years, the Tibetan Freedom Concert has arguably been the United States live music event of the year. This year, however, the COACHELLA FESTIVAL seems destined to be the event to remember. The show, which is October 9-10 at Coachella Valley, near Palm Springs, features a lineup including UNDERWORLD, BECK, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, GUS GUS, and CIBO MATTO, just to name a few. The event also features a good deal of intrigue. The U.S. debut of the new SPIRITUALIZED live lineup is bound to be interesting.