By liz

MORRISSEY has finally succumbed to the world wide web. Although his image and music has been plastered about the net since it's inception it took until 2004 for the king of the fops to have an official website. And what news does this new 'official' site bring us? Why record release dates of course! Morrissey's first album in seven years, "You Are The Quarry" is set for a May 18 release in America and the 17th in the rest of the world. The single "Irish Blood, English Heart" will be preceeding the album's release by a week, but I'm sure many of you die hard Moz fans have already heard the live rendition he's been singing for a few years now. Oh... and the other news? If you happen to be in the UK on May 22, Herr Morrissey will be playing the Manchester Evening News Arena. Get your tickets while you can.