Morrissey Airs The Smiths Dirty Laundry

By liz

This came to our attention last week and we were so stunned by it that we completely forgot to pass the information along, sorry. Mike Joyce (ex-Smiths, eh?) went on BBC 6 last week to declare he was in such dire financial straits that he had to sell all his rare Smiths stuff on eBay. By rare we mean UNRELEASED demos and such that true Smiths enthusiasts would drool over (if they weren't all getting their knickers in a twist about Mike doing this on his own without the approval of any of the other members).

But that's just part one of the story. In a statement to Morrissey has written out an ASTOUNDING 13 point record of his (and the rest of the band's) financial dealings with Mike Joyce since the split.

"The point I wish to make is this: Joyce is not poor, unless, living as he does in the Cheshire green-belt, he lives beyond his means. Somehow, he appears to believe that he should have equal financial status to both myself and to Johnny Marr, even though Joyce has done dramatically less than Johnny and I to attain the positions we now have.
Joyce is not poor because of one reason - me. His career now is the fictitious position of an unpaid ex-member of the Smiths. He has also pursued all of his claims on Legal Aid.
I don't make this statement in search of sympathy from anyone, but I wish that the people at MorrisseySoLow who support Joyce would at least get their facts right before they say anything. Even with his 10% share, Joyce was wealthy. Now, he is extremely wealthy."

If you haven't read it yet, go read the full statement. It will put your jaw on the floor.

Strangely (or not), the items Mike Joyce had up on eBay have disappeared.