Post-Thanksgiving: Primal Scream, The National, Z-Trip, Atlas Sound Arcade Fire covers Smiths, and more

By theajaysharma

Lots of good stuff from the holiday weekend.  Mainly the videos from the Primal Scream Screamadelica shows.  Seeing them doing Loaded was pretty fuckin' awesome and it's something that I've never seen.  The chances of a show like that coming to the US is pretty rare but damn.  They should get together with Suede and knock it out.


  • Let's start out with the idiots at Sony Records.  Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound) has been releasing some mixtapes on his blog and over the weekend Sony decided to file a complaint and had them all pulled.  Problem is that Bradford's two bands, Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, are on 4AD and Kranky (respectively).  He has no ties to Sony.
  • BBC reviews the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk.
  • You can't quite beat this, Arcade Fire perform 'Still Ill' by the Smiths.  Ok, maybe you can beat it with a better quality version.
  • The National are releasing High Violet 2.0 (that's what I'm calling it anyway).  It's an expanded edition of their last record and Prefix has a new track that you can preview called, "Wake Up Your Saints".  The album is out now.
  • DJ Z-Trip gets a brief interview with Carson Daily.  (Maybe that should be worded the other way around?  "Carson Daily gets a brief interview with DJ Z-Trip."  Yeah, that's better).
  • The Music Slut has a new track from School of Seven Bell's latest album, "Disconnect from Desire".  It's called, "I L U".
  • Finally, Primal Scream performed Screamadelica in full last Friday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it's release.  They are also putting out a huge box set which includes pretty much everything you ever wanted to hear from that album.  Check out these videos: