Thursday Afternoon Delight: Pulp reunite, Nirvana covers, non-news for Radiohead, Neil Young Started the Fire, and more...

Lots of odd items in the roundup today.  My favorite is the Neil Young story about his Hybrid car exploding.  That's just good/bad stuff right there.


Nirvana and Courtney Slam Guitar Hero

Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl criticise Guitar Hero while Courtney threatens legal action. Source

Nirvana bassist runs for public office

Nirvana's former bassist, Krist Novoselic, has announced that he is running for public office to protest Washington state's election methods. - Source

Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Blur for 'Guitar Hero 5'

Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and Blur all feature on the forthcoming new edition of the 'Guitar Hero' computer game, NME.COM can reveal. - Source

Download of Montreal's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

When recapping of Montreal's over-the-top Skeletal Lamping-themed show at Roseland this past Friday, we mentioned and posted a video of their "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cover with MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden. The clip was a tad grainy, though, and it didn't capture the entire song, so please allow this MP3 to help you more fully reach Nirvana. - Source

Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen

The ashes of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain have been stolen from his widow Courtney Love. - Source

Kurt Cobain Pushing Shoes From The Great Beyond, One More Time

We are constantly reminded of how much dead musicians love advertising footwear. Just recently Ian Curtis and Sid Vicious got in the game, and before that Kurt was unsuccessfully appropriated by Doc Martens. Well if you've been waiting since then 'til now to finally have some Cobain-y shoes, get ready to go running grunge fans: The Daily Swarm has images of the new Courtney Love-approved Cobain Converse. They're coming soon -- in more than one diaristic style! -- to a mall near you. The sneaks are part of Converse's 100th Anniversary and their "Welcome To The Converse Century" campaign. Smells like Odor Eaters to us, but then again, as morbid as it is, he was wearing One Stars when he died, so at least we know he liked the product. (That's called a silver lining.) Remember kids, "Punk rock means freedom" ... and posthumous endorsement deals from your creepy wife. - Source

Frances Bean Interviewed In Harper's Bazaar

The 15 year old's sounding like she has a good head on her shoulders, saying the right stuff about her fame ("These people are fascinated by me, but I haven't done anything ... If you're a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I'm not my parents ... People need to wait until I've done something valid with my life") and even offering props to her paternal Grandma ("she's probably the person I respect most out of anybody in the world"). Now that's the teen spirit. As far as a future career, though, the magazine reports that "she's thought about photography and/or journalism (there may be a summer internship at Rolling Stone)." Summer internship at Rolling Stone?! Corporate magazines still suck, Franny. - Source

Courtney Love chooses actor to play Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love has said she wants to 'Half Nelson' actor Ryan Gosling to play her late husband Kurt Cobain in a film.  Source

New Behind the Scenes Doc of Sonic Youth & Nirvana

If you're in LA, you can catch the world premiere of a new documentary... of a documentary? Yes, I'm a little confused but apparently starting December 9 you can catch (THIS IS KNOWN AS) THE BLUES SCALE at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. According to the press release...

Director David Markey presents a film of rare, never-before-seen outtakes of his documentary 1991: THE YEAR PUNK BROKE (1992, We Got Power Films, 99 min.) from the fabled Sonic Youth/Nirvana tour. A cinematic postscript that is just as entertaining and stimulating as its movie parent, with Sonic Youth singer/guitarist and all-round-rabble-rouser Thurston Moore proving a devilishly funny ringmaster to the circus of backstage antics. Featuring more performance footage of Sonic Youth and Nirvana as well as pungent commentary by Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Dave Grohl, and others.

So I wasn't so far off about it being a documentary about a documentary... was I?