Thursday Afternoon Delight: Pulp reunite, Nirvana covers, non-news for Radiohead, Neil Young Started the Fire, and more...

By theajaysharma

Lots of odd items in the roundup today.  My favorite is the Neil Young story about his Hybrid car exploding.  That's just good/bad stuff right there.

  • Jarvis Cocker is gettin' the band back together!  So far they only have two European festivals setup for next summer.  I only saw them once when they opened for Blur on the Parklife tour, man, that was like the ultimate britpop gig.
  • Speaking of Blur, Damon Albarn said that they might do something "small" in the 2011.  A US tour?  Probably not.
  • BBC reviews 'The best of' Suede.
  • Listen/Download a Folk-Indie version of Nirvana's 'Drain You', done by Horse Feathers.  Good on them for finding a way to get noticed in the otherwise crowded world of folk-indie bands.  I'll be honest, there are a few jems but none of them really speak to me.
  • Watch the Pet Shop Boys perform "It's A Sin".  You know you want to remember those days.
  • I guess I should mention that you can see Arcade Fire on SNL since it was pretty much the only news last Sunday:  Gorilla v Bear, Pitchfork, 24bit, Stereogum
  • NME might be the cable news equivalent of music magazines.  Apparently some journalist for Rolling Stone Italy misquoted Johnny Greenwood and said that the new Radiohead album is almost done.  Then Greenwood posted on the that it's not done.  No big deal.  But you gotta get those damn clicks and ad views, so NME's headline:  "Radiohead give new album and tour update".  There's no update!  It's totally NON-news.  What does Johnny say, something like, "err, there's a mistake, the album's not done and we're not touring."  But Radiohead are huge and I'll be honest, it made me click on the link thinking, "Maybe NME knows something that I don't."  And as usual, they don't know anything.
  • The first big rumor to headline Coachella 2011 is Rolling Stones.  Would be nice to see, doubt it's going to be anywhere near as amazing as Paul McCartney.
  • Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream) is 48.
  • One of my favorite blogs (thanks Albert), Slicing Up Eyeballs now has a streaming radio show on Strangeways Radio.  It's kinda fun to listen to streaming radio from a shoutcast server again.  These days are mostly dominated by Pandora, NPR, and my own music.  I've been listening for a few hours and it's pretty great.
  • So Neil Young stored all this vintage stuff in a garage with a an old Lincoln Continental that he converted into an electric car.  Nothing weird so far... until the car catches on fire and destroys all this stuff in his warehouse.  wtf indeed.