primal scream

I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for PRIMAL SCREAM! If you haven't had a chance to check out the new Primal Scream record Riot City Blues, the gang from Scotland are offering up a few live videos for you to peruse on their website. Full songs are up for your listening pleasure as well as videos for "Country Girls" and "Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)." Don't forget to take a peek at a few of their performances from T In The Park a few weeks ago.

Primal Scream - Live

Primal Scream
Irving Plaza
New York City, NY

Review by Mike Patterson

It may be time to hang it up Bobby.

I hate to be disrespectful, I mean, you are indie rock royalty, you have had some amazing bright spots in your 18 some odd years in pop. I still bow in deference to "Imperial", I have the lyrics to "Higher Than the Sun" on the wall next to me at work. (The boss loves that let me tell ya) and I'll be damned if "Kowalski" still doesn't make me wanna jump up and down and shout, but it seems that these things are best left to memories rather than slugging through high points in the latter half of your brilliant career in the half assed manner that you delivered to Irving Plaza last night.


Evil Heat Redux?

Alright, so PRIMAL SCREAM's last album did technically come out this winter in America... so this uber-delayed and uber-short US tour should come as no surprise. The Scream have confired 3 shows in NYC, one in San Fran and an appearance at Coachella. Feel free to scream foul at any time if you're not on either coast. FOUL! Despite the hit or miss attitude most people have about 'Evil Heat' no one can really deny that they're a fantastic live band, so... the 5 days they're willing to give us *lucky* Americans can be found on our tour page.

Primal Scream's Album Banned in America??

NME's reporting that the upcoming Primal Scream album will likely be banned in America due to a track called, Bomb the Pentagon. I can't see it being banned, maybe it won't be sold in Walmart's but I'm sure your local import record shop won't care. It's also important to note that the track is about the US foreign policy and was performed live before the September 11th attacks.

Unreleased Astralwerks Compilation, Rarewerks

Rarewerks from ASTRALWERKS? The label has just announced the release of a collection of rare, hard-to-find, and previously unreleased tracks from Astralwerks artists entitled "Rarewerks". Most of the tracks have not been available commercially anywhere in the world. Artists to be included are Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, Beta Band, and Basement Jaxx. The release is scheduled to be released January 23, 2001.

Primal Scream US Dates

PRIMAL SCREAM have announced a quick 10-date tour of the United States, in support of the Stateside release of their new record, "Xtrmntr." The album is expected in late May on the band's new US home, Astralwerks Records. The band has also confirmed that the wondrous Kevin Shields (he of My Bloody Valentine) WILL be playing with the band on all North American dates. We've got the entire itinerary - just click on TOURS!

Primal Scream Sign With Astralwerks

PRIMAL SCREAM will tour the US this year! They have just signed a deal with Astralwerks and their latest album, XTRMNTR, will be released in early May. The tour should start in late spring and Kevin Shields from MY BLOODY VALENTINE will be joining them onstage.

Creation to Close Doors

An era is INDEED about to pass, as news reaches us today that CREATION RECORDS may soon cease to exist, and if it DOES continue on, it will do so without its founder, ALAN McGEE. McGee announced today that he is to step down as founder and president effective June 2000, to explore other business ventures. Under McGee's helm, Creation went from a bedroom-based operation to become one of the premier independent labels in the world.


Rod Stewart Covers Oasis and the Scream

Our parents may soon get hit with a watered-down dose of indie soon, as word comes from NME today that the forthcoming album from veteran crooner and all-around heebie-jeebie sorta bloke ROD STEWART will feature covers of Oasis' "Cigarettes and Alcohol" and Primal Scream's "Rocks."