"I'm A Barbe(tm) Girl, In My Barbie(tm) World"

In a victory for social commentator's everywhere, Mattel's lawsuit against MCA Records (on behalf of Swedish band Aqua) claiming trademark infrigement and defamation has been rejected by the US Supreme Court. The court rejected the lawsuit under the grounds that the song was a parody and therefore protected as free speech. I'm not sure which is more concerning... that Mattel attempted to sue or that MCA is claiming they sold more than 1.4 million copies of that horrid song.

Fruit Filled Fun!

Just when you begin to think that dance music is getting a little too serious, exploding onto the scene is the non-dancable duo of Lemon Jelly. The boys have created an online video game for their new single Nice Weather For Ducks. You can find links to Mac OS X, OS 9 or Windows versions at Beggars Banquet along with a screensaver for their full length album Lost Horizons. How can you do vs the killer ducks?

My Favourite Part Of... Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe (BBC Correspondent, Football Journalist and 'el recording artist extraordinaire) is set to release a new album, My Favourite Part of You on March 25. Appearing on the new album are Sean O'Hagan and Harvey Williams amongst Louis' usual collaborators. You can sample 2 tracks ( My Favourite Part of You and Seven Years) from the new material on Louis' Website. I'd love to see him do a small US tour to support this, but I was once told by Matt Jacobsen

that Louis has a heart condition that prevents him from long distance international travel.

Dancing with the Pet Shop Boys

On February 3 (UK) the Pet Shop Boys will release their third album in the 'Disco' series. Following in the tradition of previous 'Disco' albums, Disco 3 will be complimenting the recent studio releases, but in a new twist Disco 3 includes new tracks recorded during the studio sessions but not previously released.

The album will contain 10 dance tracks that were created during the studio sessions that begat 'Release' in 2002. It will be available on CD or the limited edition three-disc vinyl format (featuring extra remixes by Felix da Housecat and Westbam). The highlight of the new 'Disco 3' release could be the track that was written in 1983 by original PSB producer Bobby 'O'.


The Music forge into the US

Brit rocker's The Music are aiming their sights high... to the US market to be precise. If the the opening slot of the upcoming Coldplay tour wern't enough to get them noticed, they are in the midst of booking another US tour with The Vines, releasing their first album here in the states, and set up a national TV spot on March 18 with David Letterman.

Back home in the UK, they are about to release their final single, The Truth Is No Words, from their debut self-titled album. The album will have a February 25 release in the US and contain the video for Take The Long Road and Walk It as well as video footage from their recent North American tour. If you'd like a preview of The Truth Is No Words the video can be downloaded from Dotmusic.

Justin Timberlake Joins The Flaming Lips!

Ok, nothing like a bit of exaggeration for a headline eh? No, Justin Timberlake hasn't *really* joined The Flaming Lips but he did perform with them on Top of the Pops on Friday. The segment, which was recorded Thursday, has Timberlake appearing with the band on bass during their rendition of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Apparently Timberlake and Wayne Coyne had met earlier in the week while taping separate interviews with Radio One. Timberlake took a copy of the track to study, and came to TOTP wearing a dolphin costume until the taping actually began. What's that saying about strange bedfellows?

The Yo Yo Man

It's been over 10 years since former Echo & The Bunnymen singer, songwriter Ian McCulloch has recorded without former Bunnymen Will Sergeant. McCulloch is set to release his first truly solo effort in the UK on April 28. The album, titled 'Slideling' is Ian's first since 1992's 'Mysterio'.

'Slideling' will be featuring guest apperances from Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland of Coldplay, along with an appearance (of some sort?) by John Simm (star of '24 Hour Party People').

The Music Industry Without the RIAA?

Slashdot posted this Wired commentary from Charles Mann about how the the recording industry will soon collapse. It's a nice summary of all the things they are trying to do to control every aspect of music from the musicians all the way to your ears. I agree with his conclusion in that if the current industry does go away then a better one will replace it.

Other People's Tours

ERASURE has announced North American tour dates in support of their new album, Other People's Songs which is available in the US on January 28. "The Other Tour" is Erasure's first North American tour since 1997.

The band will appear on Top of the Pops this week, as the first single, "Solsbury Hill" (originally by Peter Gabriel) debuted at Number 10 on the UK pop charts. The single was released January 14 in North America with 2 new tracks not available on the album plus new mixes of "Solsbury Hill." The CD is apparently enhanced with a special short film directed by Vince Clarke and staring Andy Bell.


Fatboy Slim / Zoe Ball - It's Over

Not that we're the sort of site that likes to dwell on crap like this... (oh, who are we kidding, sure we do.) But it's official today through a spokesperson: FATBOY SLIM and wife/radio presenter ZOE BALL have separated. Oddly enough, ol' Normy's quoted in this week's NME that he's planning to take time off from DJ gigs to spend more time with his family...