Do you remember the last time?

By liz

Hmmm. Statements from the PULP camp have been a little concerning lately, "Pulp aren't technically splitting up, but neither are they making any plans to return to the studio for the foreseeable future." So what's the difference between "technically" splitting up and no longer recording as a band?

In the meantime, to release themselves from their Island record deal they are releasing a best of package ('Pulp Hits') on November 18th in the UK. To be featured on the new album are: Babies / Razzmatazz / Lipgloss / Do You Remember the First Time? / Common People / Underwear / Sorted for E's & Wizz / Disco 2000 / Something Changed / Help The Aged / This is Hardcore / A Little Soul / Party Hard / The Trees / Bad Cover Version / Sunrise / The Last Day of the Miners' Strike (new song).