Amanda Palmer Covers Radiohead, Buy It For Less Then A Buck

The full title of  her cover album is, "Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele."  And that pretty much sums it all up but I'll try to add some filler here.  For one, you can buy the album for a measly 0.84 cents which is used to cover ASCAP and Paypal fees.  Or you can be generous and pay more because 0.84 cents is just silly considering that it's actually a pretty great EP.  If you don't believe me, then you can stream the full release below.


More Leaks from Daft Punk's Tron Soundtrack

We have mentioned the soundtrack for TRON:LEGACY by Daft Punk a couple of times in the past and a few days ago six tracks have surfaced online.  Previously a bunch of fake tracks appeared online, this seems like the "real thing".  This is obviously a highly anticipated release (the score AND the movie) so I imagine that this was more of a "controlled" leak vs. someone stealing the songs.  Also since they are appearing on a site for a Seattle based radio station.

UPDATE:  There are reports that some of the recent leaks are fake.  The ones that were linked here were in fact real as Disney asked them to take it down.  You can still hear a taste of the new Tron soundtrack over at their official site.

Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode) is Touring America

Alan Wilder is taking Recoil on the road in support of his best-of complication, "Selected".  He will be hitting North America throughout October and South America in November.  He's teaming up with Paul Kendall who says the shows are, "a presentation of Recoil, not a concert".  

Wait, What? Radiohead, NIN, Who Cares! David Fincher's Making A Facebook Movie?!?

First off, David Fincher is the guy that directed Fight Club.  If that's not enough right there, he also directed Se7en, Panic Room, and Alien 3 (which is better then everyone thinks),  Granted, he's been on bit of a downward spiral since his last couple of movies have been Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  So he's like a band that started out really strong and is kinda fizzing out.

Secondly,  yup, they're making a movie about the Facebook story called The Social Network.  Trent Reznor was planning on taking a break after his last Nine Inch Nails tour, but David Fincher asked him to write the score.  So he cancelled his vacation and went to work and he has this to say, "Speaking of the film... it's really fucking good. And dark!"

Thirdly, a new trailer has been released (below) and used the Scala & Kolacny Brothers’ cover of “Creep”.  It really makes the movie look more creepy and while I'm typically not a "check out this video guys!" guy, you really need to check out this video.


Are you going to more or less concerts then you were last year?

Anatomy of a Concert Ticket: $56 Price, $3 Promoter Profit.

Just in time for our fixed tour dates page, Digital Music News has an article about the anatomy of a ticket price.  Just like most people already knew, the artists actually make quite a bit from ticket sales, 65-90%, according to Live Nation.  I found the last chart the most interesting though.  As the world was going through a massive recession in 2008, the average ticket price for international markets fell.  US Prices?  Yeah, they keep chugging higher and higher.

Concert Metric:  Ticket Prices

The Search For Admiral Radley Continues...

Over at Stereogum you can check out the new video for Admiral Radley, "I Heart California", which is their debut single off their debut album with the same name.  You can buy the album on iTunes now for a measly 8 bucks or you can get it next week (July 13th) on CD/LP.  And finally, they are kicking off a tour today starting with a free show in Los Angeles and finishing up in Philadelphia.  For some reason the tour dates aren't updating here so I'll have to look into that.  :/

Richard Ashcroft's Solo Project Gets A Release Date

The official name of the new band is "RPA & the United Nations of Sound" and they will be releasing their debut album, "United Nations of Sound" on July 19th.  Go watch the video for "Are You Ready?"

Stream The New Chemical Brothers Album Now

NPR has the stream, it is a pretty fanstatic record which comes out next week.  And the Chemical Brothers have a few dates coming up as well.  I'm excited. 

Phoenix and Julian Casablancas are Featured on the New Sofia Coppola Film

Sofia Coppola has a new movie coming out in December and you can watch the trailer below.  Phoenix and Julian Casablancas will be lending their talents to the soundtrack.  Phoenix was also on the "Lost In Translation" soundtrack and that's where I first learned of them.

The new movie is called, "Somewhere" and it follows a "bad-boy actor" who's living at the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles when his daughter comes to visit with him.  Wow, that description sounds horrible, thank god the trailer looks better then my summarizing skills.