Those Good Ol' Stone Roses Reunion Rumors

By shane

Ooh.. crank up the rumour mill, 'cause we need to talk about the STONE ROSES. The lives of these four musicians have turned into quite a soap opera of late. Here's what we know thus far:

Two weeks ago, former Roses bassist MANI (currently of PRIMAL SCREAM) spends a few days on the road with a Roses cover band as their touring DJ. Talking to fans at the shows, Mani mentions that the Seahorses are splitting and hints around to a future project involving some, if not all, of the original 4 members of the Roses.
Early last week, Mani's words ring true as the SEAHORSES publically throw in the towel, despite supposedly having a second album totally completed. Former Stone Roses guitarist JOHN SQUIRE splits up the group over musical differences with leader Chris Helme. The rumours begin to spread of a possible Roses reunion.
Late last week, former Roses frontman IAN BROWN places a message on his website telling fans that there are no Stone Roses reunion plans, and NOT to believe the many rumours flying around. And with that the rumour was squashed, simple as that.

But now this week the message on Brown's website is GONE. Disappeared overnight, as if it were never there. Not necessarily surprising... UNTIL you notice that ALL OTHER NEWS on the site is archived for fans to research... EXCEPT the message denying a Roses reunion.

Could it ACTUALLY be happening? We raise a curious eye indeed. As always, we'll keep you up-to-date as the rumours continue to pour in.