NIN Injecting Steroids Into Radiohead Model

Nine Inch Nails identity Trent Reznor is now injecting steroids into the Radiohead, name-your-price sales model. - Source

Radiohead To Headline West Coast (Non-Coachella) Festival

First APW, now this! At Ease reports: *An industry source confirmed the headliners for what will be called the "Outside Lands Festival"

Radiohead remixes available for free

California DJ/Producer AmpLive has released 'Radiohead Rainydayz Remixes' as a free download. - Source

Radiohead Greatest Hits Album on the Way

Give them credit: they've held out longer than most. But come spring, Radiohead will join the Eagles, Van Halen, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Joni Mitchell, Journey, and Mandy Moore in the annuls of acts who have foisted "Greatest Hits" albums upon us. Now you may be thinking: wait a minute, isn't every Radiohead album since The Bends pretty much a greatest hits collection unto itself? Indeed, but don't blame the band for this one. - Source

Radiohead Versus EMI, Round 2

At Ease Web reports: *Radiohead's former label seems determined to make some money from the band's current activities. When Radiohead announced the release of their In Rainbows discbox in December, EMI quickly followed with the release of the band's 7 albums (6 studio, 1 live) as a box set. Now that the tour is coming up (North American dates are expected to be announced next week!), EMI has got another release up its sleeves - the long feared Greatest Hits LP.* - Source

Jonny Greenwood Wins Evening Standard Film Award

At Ease Web reports: *Jonny Greenwood has won another award for the "There Will Be Blood" soundtrack at the Evening Standard Film Awards. The success of the film came unexpected for Jonny: "It's quite a surprise, cause it's a very tough film, in a good way"

Radiohead, Cat Power, Feist, Robyn Hitchcock Help Jools Holland Celebrate 200

We tip our caps to Jools Holland regularly around here, for his musicianship whenever we blow the dust off our Squeeze records, but more frequently when he hosts musicians we love on that BBC show of his. A show which turned 200 episodes old Friday night with a very special lineup of musical well wishers. The Times Online captures the scene:The cake has been sitting all day in the middle of Studio 1 at BBC Television Centre. But only ten minutes before the 200th episode of Later with Jools Holland is due to be recorded does someone realise that lighting 200 candles - and keeping them lit while the studio audience sings Happy Birthday - is easier said than done. The urbane ringmaster of terrestrial music television doesn't fancy his chances of blowing them out either, at least not without singeing his trademark dapper suit.


Radiohead Performs On Jools Holland's 200th B-Day Episode

Enjoy In Rainbows fave, 'House Of Cards', below. Download the tune at bottom of post. - Source

New Mark Ronson Video - "Just"

Even though he's been fab-from-birth, it wasn't 'til Ronson "covered" Radiohead back in '06 that heads outside the NYC/London/Tom-Kat-wedding DJ scene turned. First just a single, then included on Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads and given a video, setting the template for what his future covers, like his takes on the Smiths and Coldplay for Version, would sound like. Since "Just" was Mark's first self-created authentic shit to really catch hold, though, it reappeared on last year's LP -- and, here, gets yet another video treatment. It's the cover that will never die. (This time it's more clearly Mark's video because he plays the entire band and, more importantly, his name is on the kick drum.) Before you ask why he doesn't write his own songs -- the subtitled janitor beat you to it.  Source

Radiohead: Coachella East, Portishead: Coachella West

URB reports the glorious news: *Portishead is confirmed to headline this year's Coachella festival on Saturday night, according to a high-level source. The same source unequivocally denied rumors that Radiohead would appear at Coachella, but did confirm that the group would play the East Coast festival being planned by Coachella promoters. The full line-up will be announced this Monday.  Source