Radiohead Announce More North American Dates, Additional Tour Opener

Note to you concert lovers out there: If you want to see your favorite act over multiple nights, just become the biggest band in the world. Then you can invite them to tour with you and watch them whenever you want! This appears to be Radiohead's M.O., anyway. First the Brits gave props to Grizzly Bear, via BBC DJ set, and then came the opener announcement. Today's story is much the same: Thom has gushed over Liars (repeatedly), unsurprisingly they are tapped to open as well. Unfortunately it's not a three-band tour: Grizzly Bear's got the set of gigs from August 3-15, while Liars are tapped for August 19-28. Earlier dates appear to be with Liars, too (thx all). Full details on the August dates' venues and ticket info below. - Source

There's Something On: Radiohead Exclusive Kicks Off revealed itself to the world this morning with a Radiohead exclusive. - Source

Radiohead Social Network Emerges...

Radiohead fans are now jumping into a dedicated social networking environment, one ostensibly created by the group. - Source

Free Live Radiohead Download

As those of us wait for the upcoming Radiohead tour to hit North America, the band has offered up an appetizer to hold us over until they reach our shores. They performed in the UK at the BBC Radio Theatre yesterday, where they rocked through two gigs and participated in a series of interviews. From one of those - Source

Radiohead Launch "Nude" Site

Nah, we're not talking naked Radioheads (thank god, really). But just when you might've assumed Thom & Co. would run out of In Rainbows angles, they went ahead and created a website that allows you to upload your remix of new old single "Nude," input info about it, create your own personalized widget, and watch with bated breath as folks vote away on the fruits of your GarageBand. - Source

Radiohead's Thom Yorke contributes to classical project

Radiohead's Thom Yorke has contributed a remix to a new classical music project. - Source

Four-hour Radiohead remix video released

A four-hour remix of Radiohead's song 'Videotape' is to be released, fittingly, on VHS video with accompanying visuals. - Source

Reznor Numbers Remain Elusive; Criticism Handed to Radiohead

Trent Reznor has yet to offer hard numbers on his recent, direct-to-fan album download initiative.  Ahead of broadcast, Austral... - Source

Radiohead, NIN to headline Lollapalooza

Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails are rumoured to be headlining this year's Lollapalooza Festival. - Source

Radiohead to headline new San Francisco festival

Radiohead are set to headline a new San Francisco festival that debuts this summer. - Source