New Radiohead

Weren't you sick of Radiohead? I swear, during those last two albums it got to the point where I didn't want to hear anything about that band. But it's been a while and talking about Radiohead seems okay again. Nick passed on a link to listen to some new Radiohead materal that they recently played in Portugal. He got the info from an excellent Radiohead site, Green Plastic.

Ten Great B-sides

Cluas has a list of Ten Great B-sides. They've got some good picks in there with Oasis and Radiohead. You can also check out their list of Ten Great Hidden Album Tracks and my favorite, Ten Great Album Openers. Yeah, like 'I Wanna Be Adored' by the Stone Roses wasn't going to be on there!

Radiohead Interview

Long time contributor to Excellent Online, Lisa Y. Garibay interviewed Phil Selway for her site, Then It Must Be True. It's a great feature with some amazing pictures from Aleks Garibay and Jamie Lilenfeld so make sure you check out!

Mercury Music Prize Drama

Radio 1 announced the Mercury Music Prize nominations yesterday. They included, Basement Jaxx, Turin Breaks, Gorillaz, Super Furry Animals, Goldfrapp, Elbow, and Radiohead.

Then the Gorillaz refuse the nomination. Murdoc said, "Mercury Award? Sounds a bit heavy, man! You know - like carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity. No thanks man!"

And today the band's label, Parlophone, said that since they put the Gorillaz in the race, only they can pull them out.

My Radiohead/Ticketmaster Nightmare

Radiohead tickets went on sale yesterday for their LA and NY stops and buying tickets via ticketmaster proved to be a nightmare once again. For some insane reason everything must go onsale Saturdays at 10am, so obviously the millions of Radiohead and Janet Jackson fans were pounding the system the same time I went online. Why oh why can't they stagger the onsale times throughout the day? 

I filed this under Technology because Ticketmaster needs to improve theirs. Click read more to check out the rest of my story...


Radiohead Visit the Small Hick Moutain Town

Radiohead will be animated in an episode of South Park. It will air on July 11th and about a billion more times throughout the week, don't you just love cable! According to Allstar, "In the episode, the band helps Cartman seek revenge on a fellow student who dupes him in a pubic hair deal gone wrong. Don't ask.".

Radiohead at Red Rocks

Radiohead / Beta Band
June 20, 2001
Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO

A lot of people were asking me, "So why are you going to Denver for your vacation?" And I would feel like a music-dork for saying, "A Radiohead show at Red Rocks". Lucky for me that my best-friend happens to live in Denver which gives me the perfect excuse.


Radiohead Teases Us With A Possible Tour

RADIOHEAD have announced plans for a US tour to take place sometime in the vicinity of June. The band casually mentioned it during a recent interview with an L.A. radio station.

Radiohead Release Date

Well, it finally seems as if the holiday lull is starting to end, and musicians and promoters are finally getting back to... well... music and promoting. Today brings news that June 4th is to be declared a Sacred Day of Release, as RADIOHEAD will be unveiling their new album, "Amnesiac." News of the confirmed release date spread across the Net like mad today, until a spokesman confirmed the date this afternoon. We don't know as of yet whether the album will have a simultaneous US release, but of course, we'll let you know.

Radiohead Announces Title of Follow-up To 'Kid A'

The brand new RADIOHEAD album is getting closer to reality, as BBC Radio One announced last night that the band has settled on a title - "Amnesiac." The record, said to be somewhat more mainstream than "Kid A," is expected as early as March.