New Radiohead Video - "House Of Cards"

Radiohead's posted the new video for the In Rainbows come-hither slow jam "House Of Cards," and fittingly, it's got lots of shots of Thom making sultry bedroom eyes. Maybe? Tough to say for sure, mostly because none of the Yorke images, nor any in the entire clip, were generated with cameras. Or light. Instead, "3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects" and the "video was created entirely with visualizations of that data." Right. Why just talk in maths when you can fully manifest in them? Totally weird and yet totally accessible and moving, but it's Radiohead so, no surprises. - Source

Weezer & Fans Cover Radiohead

Weezer's in the midst of Red and their Hootenanny tour. As we let you know last week, Rivers and the boys are mixing R.E.M., Psychedelic Furs, Gary Numan, and Radiohead covers into their special please-touch set lists. As proof, we have video of them walking through "Creep" in Portland, accompanied by a room full of guitar strummers, percussionists, solo singers, violinists, and a few inscrutable non-contributors. - Source

Watch Radiohead cover Portishead

Radiohead have released a video of themselves covering Portishead's new single 'The Rip'. - Source

U2's Manager Calls Radiohead Experiment A Flop

Paul McGuinness tells BBC6: *We should all be aware that Radiohead's honesty box release of their album to some extent backfired. Even though it was available on their own website for no money at all, if that was what you preferred to pay - 60 to 70% of the people who downloaded the record stole it anyway even though it was available for free.*U2's new LP is due out in early 2009. - Source

Listen To New Radiohead Song Now!

Stop the press! A brand spanking new Radiohead track has appeared online following the band's performance in Dublin last week. Listen to the new song and let us have your verdicts. - Source

Radiohead Covers Portishead In St. Louis

Amazing! Enjoy their rendition of 'The Rip' below. Classic Radiohead MP3 at bottom.  - Source

Thom Yorke: 'Prince's 'Creep' was hilarious'

Thom Yorke has described Prince's cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' as "hilarious". - Source

Radiohead's Best Of Gets US Release Info

We've been talking about this upcoming Radiohead Best Of compilation for a while now, and it finally has an official US release date. On June 3, Radiohead: The Best Of will hit stores in North America via Capitol/EMI. Although we're waiting for confirmation on the release of the DVD portion - Source

Radiohead, Live Nation Respond to Virginia Washout

Those are just a few of the colorful comments sent in by Pitchfork readers regarding Radiohead's May 11 gig at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia. They're not talking about the quality of the band's performance, mind. Most of them, in fact, never got to see it. - Source

Radiohead Begins 2008 North American Tour

Check out last night's fab performance of 'Faust Arp' in West Palm Beach below. - Source