Radiohead video interviews - Friday Afternoon Top Ten

Everyone's still going Radiohead mental after their tiny London show on Wednesday (January 16), so we've collected together ten Radiohead video interviews for you to watch now.  Source

Watch Radiohead's Webcast From 93 Feet East (Live In London 1/16/08)

Things got a little throw off track when more people than expected turned up (surprise!) at Rough Trade East for Radiohead's smallest gig in forever. So the popo had the band move find a slightly larger place and move the fun to 93 Feet East (name of the venue, not how far the gig was moved). Take the virtual tour of the room here to get appropriately, hysterically jealous, and then enjoy the entire show via this YouTube playlist which houses the band's, front-to-back retelling of In Rainbows (followed by an encore that had Thom solo on "Up On The Ladder" and the full band for "You And Whose Army?," "The National Anthem," "My Iron Lung," and "The Bends"). Sound quality's great, and if you weren't already thankful to be living in or near one of these cities, now you are.  Source

'Juno' Soundtrack Dethrones Radiohead To Claim US #1

The Kimya Dawson infused LP jumps to the top spot.This week's best sellers (via HITS):



Retro Clip: Radiohead Visits Top Of The Pops, Circa '01

Enjoy Amnesiac's 'Knives Out' below.  Source

Radiohead Chugging Away in the Studio

Thom Yorke has been throwing hints around on RADIOHEAD's website that new material is coming along swimmingly. Recently the band posted a snippet of new audio, and Thom's just laid down a blog informing that at least a CD's worth of material has been created thus far...

DIY Radiohead

RadioheadNothing cuter than ingenuitive people, unless it's ingenuitive people creating homemade Radiohead videos. James Montalbano and his magic little camera made videos for several Radiohead and Coldplay songs. We especially like the video for 2+2=5 and Exit Music (For A Film).

Radiohead - Live

Radiohead - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl - 9/25/03
Review by Joseph Whitcher

I'll start by setting the scene: after attempts at the presale and the general onsale, we decided to try the WASTE onsale. I'm sure you've all heard what a fucking mess that was, so I won't go into it now. Suffice it to say that I went through more shit to get tickets for this show than probably ever before. And WASTE, who are supposed to get "good seats" - at least that's what they say right? - finally sends tickets: Section J1, Row 22. All that trouble and we still got shit seats.


NYC plans for Radio'ead

In a warm up to the June 7 headling slot at the Field Day Festival, RADIOHEAD have announced a show the night before at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. The band has put a pair of front row tickets online at eBay with all proceeds going to charity. The Beacon show will be broadcast at a later day on MTV. No word yet on a US tour, we'll keep you updated.

New Radiohead Album Leaked

The new RADIOHEAD album was leaked on the Internet last week. "Hail to the Thief" is scheduled to be released in June but a rough copy that hasn't been mastered found it's way on several sites last week. This was confirmed when Nigel Godrich (their producer) posted on the Radiohead Messageboard:

"Its the rough mixes ....
some tracks not even finished.
aint that a bitch?
Not really what I'd want the world to hear, frankly.

And in other news, I found this interview with the "guy" that provided the vocals for "Fitter Happier".

Some Radiohead Here and There

'There There', the new single by RADIOHEAD is said to be hitting the UK stores on May 26. This new single will be hot on the heels of a few European dates for the 'Head. Details on the new album are still sketchy. As of now the sixth full length has a release date of June 9, but no track listing or even title has been leaked.