Behind The Scenes Of Radiohead's Grammy March

Miley Cyrus was not a fan of the performance, since Radiohead were mean to her, but it seems like most folks enjoyed Thom and Jonny's "15 Step" Grammy collaboration with the USC Marching Band. Now we get to see how it came together. The Trojans uploaded an almost nine-minute video that follows the band from figuring out "15 Step"'s rhythm patterns to taking the stage after Gwyneth Paltrow's introduction. It's largely from the P.O.V. of the students themselves, so expect some geeky and excited backstage banter. Also expect a dis of U2's "Get On Your Boots" by a more outspoken member of the ensemble.Continue reading Behind The Scenes Of Radiohead's Grammy March... - Source

Rare Radiohead songs set for release on album reissues

Expanded editions of Radiohead's first three albums - 'Pablo Honey', 'The Bends' and 'OK Computer' - are set to be released, featuring rare songs including demos and session tracks. - Source

Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead

Considering the publicity wonders The Grey Album worked for Danger Mouse, we're surprised it's taken so long for someone to cook this one up. (Girl Talk did it for like 30 seconds, so that doesn't count.) Enter the enterprising DJ Minty Fresh Beats, who's mashed instrumental tracks from OK Computer, Kid A, and In Rainbows with various Jigga raps on a set titled Jaydiohead. Download it at The sound you hear in the interim is a million DJs slapping their foreheads at once. - Source

Bjork and Radiohead's Thom Yorke release single

Bjork has confirmed that Radiohead's Thom Yorke has collaborated with her on a one-off single. - Source

Radiohead reval how successful 'In Rainbows' download really was

The statistics behind the pay-what-you-like release of Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' album, released on October 10 last year online, have been revealed today (October 15). - Source

Bloc Party: "If Radiohead Can Do It Why Can't We?"

Bloc Party's third album 'Intimacy' has already been released in MP3 format so Xfm spoke to the band to find out why they decided to do a 'Radiohead'... - Source

Radiohead Performs Fan Fave Rarity In Los Angeles

Enjoy last night's take on 'True Love Waits' (as an intro to 'Everything...') below. - Source

Stream Colin Greenwood & The Sargent Brothers' Woodpecker Soundtrack

File under: More Radiohead soundtrack news. Jonny's set the pace, but he is not the only Greenwood with a taste for Hollywood. Colin's teamed up with another set of bloggable brothers, Tyler and Lee of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, to perform on the James Lavino-composed soundtrack for the Alex Karpovsky comedy Woodpecker. It's not There Will Be Blood, but it's a start. Listen to the whole thing at (click "Film/Television" and then "Woodpecker"). Buy at iTunes, Amazon, or eMusic.

  - Source

Grizzly Bear Frontman Chats Radiohead Tour With Vindy

Here's what Ed Droste had to say in this week's interview: *It's always been kind of a joke with our band like 'Yeah, we're going to go on tour with Radiohead someday'. And everyone would laugh, like that's the most unrealistic thing ever. And then they released In Rainbows and our booking agent submitted us for it. We didn't hear anything for a long time. Then the next thing we heard they chose us. I guess they don't even take submissions and they pick whomever they want. I still can't believe it. Like I have a weird fear and there's going to be a last minute cancellation. It's surreal.*Read the full piece here.Ed recently shared his summer playlist. - Source

Gnarls Barkley Cover Radiohead

There aren't many voices that can do justice to a Thom Yorke melody. (We saw a bunch of our favorite bands take on the OK Computer movements with OKX to varying results.) But it just so happens Gnarls Barkley have one of the better singers in the game. Gnarls have been covering In Rainbows' "Reckoner" in their live sets lately, and we finally found a YouTube clip -- from their set in San Diego three nights ago (right during Comic Con, no less) -- that does some audio and visual justice to Cee-Lo's take. Not even those introductory cigarette drags can get in the way. - Source